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BMW charger for R1200GS LC, R1250GS, K1600GT/GTL and all models after 2004



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Introduced for the R1200GSLC/Adventure and K1600GT/GTL BUT suiits all bikes since 2004
Top quality German made genuine BMW charger to maintain the battery on any Can-Bus wired bike built since 2004.
Perfect charging with the latest IUoU charging technology in 4 stages.
The unit can be connected up to the battery for long periods without any problems and will always keep it fully charged. Overcharging of the battery is prevented.
The battery on these bikes can go flat fast without a charger as the alarm and Can-Bus have quite a large drain even when the ignition is off!
* Not just LED indicator lights but a 2 line LCD screen with diagnostic information.
* Lead with DIN plug.
* Crocodile clips.
* May be wall mounted.
* Full instructions.
* UK square pin plug.
To suit:
R1200GS LC
R1200GS LCAdventure 2014 on
R1200GS LC
R1200R 2015 on
R1250GS 2019 on

R1250 Adventure 2019 on

R1250R 2019 on

R1250RS 2019 on

And all other BMW Can Bus wiring equipped bikes built since 2004
And all other BMW bikes built prior to 2004 by wiring directly to the battery with the supplied crocodile clips
What is not mentioned in the otherwise brilliant instructions is that if the charger is connected more than 15 minutes after the ignition is switched off then on some models it will not work !
In other words the socket is only able to start the process within 15 minutes of the engine being switched off.
Another customer said:
The charger actually switches on the bike power socket automatically when its pluged in and starts the charging process initally by sensing the state of charge and voltage in the battery and compensates and adjusts for best results,this process takes less than 2 minuits.Its a plug and play system.I have used my charger more than a week after the ignition was last on.
High-quality, microprocessor-controlled charger and float charger.
For 12V motorcycle batteries.
High-quality, microprocessor-controlled charger and float charger for 12V motorcycle batteries.
Suitable for:
Ordinary lead-acid batteries and maintenance-free lead-acid batteries (gel or AGM), with capacities between 6 and 25 Ah.
Also for motorcycles with CAN bus technology.
Charging via the motorcycle's on-board socket or alternatively with the enclosed adapter cable connected directly to the battery terminals of the motorcycle battery.
Fully automatic, by application of the charge characteristics stored in the microprocessor's memory.
The device can remain connected to the vehicle or to the battery for a lengthy period of time.
Charging cycles are run, the battery is monitored and recharged as necessary.
Proof against short circuit, polarity reversal and overload.
Sturdy plastic housing.
Paint-text output in the display: readings for battery charge status and activities in the charger.
Choice of 6 display languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese.
Touchpad controls for changing settings.
Supplied complete with adapter cable for direct connection to battery.
Technical data
Operating voltage and line plug as per national-market specification:
UK: 230 V / 50 Hz, power cord with type G plug (special UK plug).
Charge voltage: 12 V.
Maximum charge current: 2.5 A.
Charge termination voltage: 14.4 V.
Dimensions (LxWxH): 135x120x50 mm
Weight: approx.800 g