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Grip Buddies vibration elimination grip covers - all BMW models plus Ducati,Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha


Part No: GPB-AB-SS

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The Cure for Skinny, Uncomfortable Grips ....!
Grip Buddies hand-craft the best quality, most effective Neoprene Motorcycle Comfort Grips that money can buy. . . .at a price everyone can afford ! Each set of our Grip Buddies grips is American made in upstate New York.Grip Buddies use only rigorously tested, top- quality components, resulting in a rugged, long- distance hand comfort solution for the serious motorcyclist, which allows the rider to enjoy his/ her bike to the fullest extent and to maximize his/her personal comfort and safety.
Here is what you can expect from Grip Buddies:
• Marked improvement in the durability/longevity of our latest Super Sharkskins material.
• Dramatic improvement in the Feel and Comfort of your hands on your grips!
• Grips with “All-Weather” qualities. These grips do not absorb water!
• A heightened sense of “Control” over your motorcycle due to a satisfied feeling of your hands finally being completely “filled”. . . . . . just the right amount (enough, but not too much)!
• A product you can easily and quickly install yourself over the top of your stock grips.
• Grips that are “Heated-Grip-Compatible”. You really feel the heat with these babies!
• A durable, long-lasting solution that “Won’t Migrate like some other available grip options.
• An almost Baffled Feeling that such a seemingly small/inexpensive addition, could make such a huge difference in your enjoyment of your motorcycle.
• Material thickness 3.8 mm.
• Length 12.7 cm.
• Suitable for all models of BMW's
• The length can be adjusted.
• Can also be used with heated grips
• Reduced vibrations
• No removal of the original grips necessary
• Perfect comfort.
• Very good grip comfort.
all BMW models
Aprilia Shiver 750
Aprilia Mana 850
Aprilia Tuono
all Ducati models
Honda CBR250
Honda CBR600 all models
Honda CTX700
Honda NC700X
Honda NT700V
Honda NT700X
Honda CBR1000 all models
Honda VFR800F
Honda VTR1000F
Honda VFR1200
Kawsaki ER6N
Kawsaki Ninja 650
Kawsaki Versys
Kawsaki Z1000
Kawsaki Concours C-10
Kawsaki Concours C-14
Kawsaki ZX14
Moto Guzzi 1000SP
Moto Guzzi Breva 1100
Suzuki DR650
Suzuki V Strom all models
Suzuki GSXR750
Suzuki GSR1000
Suzuki GSX1300R
Triumph Tiger 1200 Explorer
Yamaha VStar 250
Yamaha YZF600R
Yamaha FZ-1
Yamaha Fazer 1000
Yamaha V-Max all models
Yamaha FZ6R
Yamaha Stratoliner

Grip Buddies get 4.5 out of 5 in Motorcycle Consumer News - paste this link into your browser:
Test from BMW Owners News USA:
Is it irony? Is it a paradox? Maybeit’s just plain weird, but it seems that part ofthe attraction motorcycling holds for ridersis the adversity it presents.
Cold weather?No problem. A clutch? Absolutely. Bugs?Yup, everything motorcyclists have beenknown to embrace can undoubtedly makecagers scratch their heads, but it’s also allpart of what makes riding a singular experience.Of course,no one says youcan’t take a fewmeasures tomake the journeya little morecomfortable. Infact, tourersknow that a littlemore comfortcan translate intomore hours inthe saddle, if notsafer ones at that.This is what ledme to try outDave Reppert’s“Super SharkOriginal GripBuddies” (alsoknown as“Beemer Buddies”).Grip.
Grip Buddiesare a cunning littleproduct designed to reduce the buzzingin handlebars, buzzing that can not only beuncomfortable, but can also affect yourcontrol and leave your hands tingling evenafter you’re off the bike. Riders have tried allkinds of solutions to reduce “buzziness,”such as bar end weights, bearings or shotpoured down their handlebars, foamsleeves, and even tennis racket wraps; butGrip Buddies have lately gotten good reviews.
from magazines like Rider andMotorcycle Consumer News, along withapproval from riders for a few features thatmake them a unique and effective solution.For one, the neoprene construction ofthe Grip Buddies affords a number ofadvantages beyond simply deadening vibration.The grips don’t absorb water, like someslip-on foam rubber grips, and they reportedly conduct heat well on bikes with heatedgrips. Grip Buddies also have a “Sharkskin”outer layer that doesn’t get slippery. In addition,Grip Buddies are about 3/16 of an inchthick, so they will add about ¼ inch to thediameter of your stock grips, and ridersreport they prefer the “fill-your-hand” feelwhich provides improved control.
I found the Grip Buddies design makesthem a snap to install. They wrap around whatever kind of stock grip you havealready, so no removing hand guards ortedious tugging and twisting to get themon. After cleaning your grips with theincluded alcohol swabs, a peel and stickstrip at one edge of the Grip Buddies islined up and applied where the seam won’tfall under your fingertips. Then the neoprenesheet is simply stretched around andanchored to ahook and loopband, so bothends of the neoprenebutt upevenly. Presto,spiffy-lookinggrips that won’tslip.
A third featurethat appeals tomy Scotch lineageis the cost ofthe Grip Buddies.At $34.95including shipping,Grip Buddiesseemed likea what-have-I-got-to-lose farkle,one that,again, could paya significant dividendwhen itcomes to ridingcomfort and control. American made GripBuddies are warranted for 90 days or 3000miles, and should they ever wear out,instructions for their removal for changingout to a new set are included in theinstructions.
As soon as we in Wisconsin sheepishlycrawled out from under the Polar Vortex, Iwas able to do a road test of the Grip Buddies.For comparison purposes, I applied Grip Buddy to just one grip. At highwayspeed, I felt the side with the Grip Buddywas definitely less “buzzy,” though of coursethe grip feels thicker. I also had a pair ofGrip Buddies’ newest product, a “Lite” versionfor riders with smaller hands, and Ithen put one of those opposite the original.The difference in size is barely perceptible,but I thought the originals had the edge forvibration reduction. Of course, as they say,“Your results may vary,” depending on abunch of factors like rpm, road surface, bikemodel and so on, so I decided to getscientific.
Clamping a springy 11” steel cable tie tothe cowling of my bench grinder (whichvibrates my whole work table), I fired upthe grinder and measured the vibration atthe tip of my homemade seismic meter. Ithen placed an original Grip Buddy betweenthe cowling and the cable tie. Vibration ofthe cable tie was almost immeasurable.With a Grip Buddy Lite, a bit of vibrationreturned, but still measurably less than withneither product.
Super Shark Original Grip Buddies areavailable for all BMW models
• Easy installation
• Budget-friendly
• Good-bye buzzies?
• Increased bike time means less time forcleaning out the rain gutters (okay, maybethat’s a pro, too!)
From Patrick O'Malley Sept. 7, 2014
I have owned a 2003 BMW R1150R since 2009. Tingling and numbness in my hands has always been a problem. I purchased a throttle lock, which works well when riding on long stretches of straight road, but really can't be used in the twisties. On my last ride, only 51 miles long, my right thumb, pinkie and ring finger were numb and my left hand tingled as well.
I purchased a pair of your Grip Buddies and installed them today. Went for a non-stop ride of 100 miles and was very impressed with how well your product worked.
After riding90 miles I was amazed at how fresh I felt and didn't have the tingling and numbness that usually occurs. I also felt like I had better throttle control. Dollar for dollar, your product is the best money I've spent, rider comfort wise, on my motorcycle.