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MachineArt MudSling® - R1200GS LC 2013 on 2017 on, R1200 Adv. LC 2014 on 2018 on, R1250GS/Adventure

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Buy the Combo which includes the front Avant extender - search for part number MAM-COMBO12MLC

The MudSling® offers the ultimate level of protection....
Machineart, designers of specialized products for BMW motorcycles, introduce an all new MudSling® rear mudguard for the 2013 onwards liquid colled (LC) R1200GS and R1200Adventure models.
BMW have provided a minimal rear mudguard for the liquid cooled models but it is insufficiently long and wide to capture mud and water spray thrown forward onto the suspension and to the sides onto riders legs. This new MudSling® increases the surface area to each side by up to 3, and downwards by a full 7 to cover and protect the outside of the paralever arm.
The MudSling® LC provides 220% more surface area than the portion of the stock mudguard that extends down between the shock and tyre. It is 185% wider as it covers around the sides to reduce splash forward. The right side is wider than the left because of paralever movement clearance limitations on the left side.
The MudSling® LC is injection molded in resilient polypropylene with a fine texture matching other plastic part surfaces on the GS. It is precisely shaped to engage the bottom of the existing fender and fit tightly against the frame. As of this date the MudSling® LC fits with BMW stock pannier mounts as well as those of Touratech Zega Pro, and Jesse. Others will be evaluated over time.
The MudSling® LC continues the MudSling® line with a tradition of attention to detail, excellent appearance, and functionality - all characteristics of the MachineArt brand.
The MudSling® is exclusivly distributed in Europe by Nippy Normans.
Comparisons show that the MudSling® is thicker, stronger AND gives more coverage than any similar product!
PLUS it has a far better finish which matches OE plastics.
Designed to keep the muck that the rear wheel throws up off you and the rear of the bike, the MudSling® is a top quality product:
It offers great protection for the rear shock, riders legs and paralever arm !
The protection is so good that the stock shock guard is no longer needed
More features:
***Manufactured from 3mm thick injection moulded polypropylene which is very resilient
***Quality textured finished matches the OE finish.
***Easily fitted securely in seconds
The wide design of the MudSling also keeps the under seat area cleaner
Includes full fitting instructions and relevant fittings
NOTE:The Mudsling LC is suitable for use on bikes with lowered suspension.
R1200GS LC 2013 on and 2017 on
(including factory lowered versions)
R1200 Adventure LC 2014 on and 2018 on
(including factory lowered versions)

So fits ALL years of the liquid cooled R1200GS and Adventure from 2013 INCLUDING factory lowered versions. Fits with or without ESA. Fits GS LC with all tyre including Conti TKC80's but clearance with the same tyres is very tight on the Adventure LC.

MudSling fits with all OEM fitment street biased dual sport tyres, but not all knobblies. The GSA has the least amount of clearance available because of its longer travel suspension and knobblies do not fit at all.
Tyres we know that fit:
Standard Fitment and other Dual Sport: Metzeler Tourance Next; Michelin Anakee 3, Continental Trail Attack, Continental TKC70
Knobblies - Continental TKC 80; customer feedback tells us Hidenau K60 Scout also works
Adventure LC
Standard Fitment and other Dual Sport: Metzeler Tourance Next; Michelin Anakee 3, Continental Trail Attack, Continental TKC70
Knobblies - None.

IF YOU HAVE ANY TYRE RUBBING ISSUES then please see the page on the MachineArt website: