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Denali Complete Gen II CanSmart D4 Kit (lighting, horn and rear light) R1200GS LC, R1250GS

£743.90 £705.90

Part No: RAG-SMK2-R1200GSLC

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This is the D4 Kit (lighting, horn and rear light) for R1200GS LC, R1250GS

This Gen II kit includes everything to add front spotlights, rear brake light and horn with the convenience of the Can Smart unit.

Gen II - More Features, More Power, More Versatile

Unlike the Gen 1 CANsmart, all four circuits of the Gen II can provide a full 10 amps of continuous power and each circuit can be configured to run any accessory type. The maximum power draw for the whole unit remains at 30 amps continuous. The Gen II also features two new auxiliary light settings. You can now modulate your auxiliary lights to be more conspicuous and set your left and right side lights to independently cancel when you activate your corresponding turn signal.

It really is Plug and Play – instructions included.

Put control of your safety at your fingertips with the Denali complete CanSmart controller, auxiliary LED lighting, auxiliary brake light, horn and mounting package designed specifically for your bike. With one of the loudest motorcycle horns available, the brightest and feature rich LED lights in their class, a fully customizable integrated CanSmart controller that works with your motorcycle’s CanBus system and controls. Included are the mounts designed specifically for your model.

You will increase and easily fine tune your level of safety and visibility with your existing bikes controls.

Ride safer and longer with a CanSmart Controller, auxiliary LED lighting, auxiliary brake light, horn and mounting package by Denali.

Denali Complete CanSmart Kit includes:

• Denali CanSmart Plug-n-Play Controller.

• 2 x Denali D4 LED Light Pod with DataDim Technology

• Denali B6 Auxiliary LED License Plate Brake Light

• Denali Sound Bomb Compact Dual-Tone Motorcycle Air Horn

• Denali Horn Mounting Bracket

• Denali Auxiliary Light Mounting Bracket


R1200GS LC (2013 to 2018)

R1250GS (2018 on)