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MachineArt mark 2 Light Bars  - R1200R LC/RS LC, R1250R LC/RS LC



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MachineArt Light Bars (light brackets) enable the fitting of the AvantGuard engine protection shield (part number MAM-AVG-RRS) to the R1200R LC and RS LC along with LED driving lights, either those from BMW or aftermarket brands such as Clearwater, whose Darla model is shown here.

The MachineArt light bars are cheaper than the BMW light bars which do not fit with the AvantGuard.

The MachineArt Light Bars are individual left and right sided finished in satin black powder coated steel and mount in the same location as the BMW light bar. They enable both the benefit of improved LED driving light illumination and the protective benefit of the AvantGuard.

Compatible with BMW crash bars

Also compatible with SW Motech crash bars


R1200R LC

R1200RS LC

R1250R LC

R1250RS LC


These brackets are designed for BMW and Clearwater lights - here is how to fit Denali lights:

Denali light bracket is differently configured than those of BMW or Clearwater, so Denali can be mounted mount as follows:

Remove the Denali U-shaped bracket. Then, align the light mounting hole with the outboard end of the mount on the Light Bar and fasten the two with an M8 bolt 50 to 55mm in length. Locktite should be applied to the bolt threads.