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Reviews of Wunderlich Easy Park large version (BLACK)

Mostly good Mr Robert Stewart on Mar 03, 2023

Rating: 4

Well made and does what I want it to. An improvement would be if the dolly wheel locks were better. They are quite small so I have been looking to make some sort of extension bar to operate them

Good Mark on Mar 02, 2022

Rating: 4

I bought this for my 1250GSA and find it to be a useful addition in my garage. I was, at first, a little concerned by the flexion on the platform when the bike was on it, but it seems to be OK. A word of caution though, I'm 6'2" and do have to put a little effort into getting it up onto its centre stand on top of the easy park. A friend tried to do it, he's a bit smaller than me, and whilst he did manage to do it, it took him several attempts and he admits it was a struggle. Once on the platform the bike moves relatively easy, even on my rough garage floor, the front wheel does stay on the floor though, so a little bit of faffing around is required. Generally good, may have benefitted from having rubber tyres rather than hard plastic wheels, but I'm happy with it.

another well designed Wunderlich product Andy Smith on Feb 01, 2022

Rating: 5

I have two Gs1250's in the Garage and bought a cheaper mover initially but the wunderlich large mover is far superior not only in the build quality but also its design. It makes moving a heavy bike so much easier and for me its perfect.

review Kevin Ross on Jan 17, 2022

Rating: 3

Mmm. Not over impressed actually. Does raise the bike up but doesn't roll very easily with a loaded bike on it.

Wunderlich easy park Roger Paul Berry on Jan 16, 2022

Rating: 5

My main concern was that it may not be effecient on my uneven garage floor but it works perfectly and makes parking the bikes close together very easy. Robust construction.Completely Satisfied.

Useful in a tight space but with caveats Alan Craggs on Jan 16, 2022

Rating: 4

I bought this as space is tight in my garage and being able to move the RT around would make life a lot easier. Firstly, I normally have only the top case fitted, no panniers, with a fairly heavy bag inside it. Although I can normally get the RT onto its centre stand like this relatively easily, I really struggled with the extra height of this platform underneath, and failed at my first attempts. Removing the bag from the top case allowed my wimpy frame to do the job. Secondly, my garage floor is painted concrete - so it doesn't provide a great deal of grip. Since the front tyre remains on the ground (can't speak for anything other than the RT) and hence is a point of friction, when moving the bike on the platform the castors (being hard plastic and not grippy rubber) do not actually turn - they just scrape across the floor. So a bit more heaving and grunting than you might expect is required to move the bike around. That said, it's easier than trundling it around off the stand and having to move other bike and stuff out of the way, so a worthwhile if not perfect investment.

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