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Battery connection harness to male USB-C plug (PLUG AND PLAY)

£32.90 £19.90

Part No: GZM-QLITE-AQ-05

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Charge your phone, camera or GPS from the motorcycles battery.

Connect one end of this cable directly to the battery and the other end of the cable features a male USB-C plug.

Then route the cable and secure it with simple tie-wraps up to the place where the gadget to be charged is to be.


* Easy Plug and Play installation.
* Simple connection to the battery.
* No messing cable excess around the handlebar area.
* Field proven quality electronics.
* Water and dust resistant solution.
* In-line waterproof connector allows the user to remove the whole mounting system.
* Cap for open end to keep dust out.

Technical features:
Input voltage range: 10 to 30 VDC
Output voltage: 5 VDC
Maximum output current: 2.4 Amp

Protections against: input polarity inversion, overcurrent and overvoltage
Low noise levels on output and input.
High temperature component design

To fit:

All BMW bikes produced since 2004 (if you have already used the dedicated connection for gadgets in the harness - if not use our leads for this application first part number - GZM-QLITE-CAN-05).
All other makes of motorcycles and BMW models from 1970 to 2003.