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Reviews of Wunderlich bottle holder R1200GS LC/Adventure LC, R1250GS/1250 Adventure

Good quality but impractical Danny De Matos on Oct 10, 2021

Rating: 1

Good qualirty as expected but... cannot be used one handed. When touring this is an essemntial attribute for me to take a drimk on a lmng straight for example. I fitted a bicycle drinks holder. Much more practica NN says Taking a drink while riding?

Wunderlich Bottle holder Colin Haines on May 31, 2021

Rating: 4

Bit fiddly to fit and does catch the steering (just) it is a useful thing for holding either fuel or water for long trips.

Wunderlich bottle holder Mr Mark Sanger on Mar 31, 2021

Rating: 3

Bracket ok but elastic strap is awkward and cumbersome to use, you need 2 hands but you can't get 2 hands into location easily to strap the bottle. Should of been an interference fit like you'd find on a push bike, one hand, locate and push into holder. Disappointed as Wunderlich are usually good quality but this item hasn't been thought through. Very poor

Water Bottle holder Trevor Miles on Nov 29, 2019

Rating: 5

I was looking for a way to hold my 600ml thermal water bottle on my bike without the need to drill holes in my top box. i have just been putting it in my tank bag but it takes up too much room. this product does the job perfectly. easy to fit and concealed out of the way, easy to get to and use. perfect job.

Easy to Fit and Works Well Ian Taylor on Jan 16, 2019

Rating: 4

It was really easy to fit, one allen bolt in fact. It holds a bottle (I put a bottle of water in mine) and looks as though it will last a long time.

Wumderlich bottle holder Mik on Aug 25, 2018

Rating: 4

Fits into a tiny space so getting the access to the bottle and securing it can be fiddly but better than rummaging around in your pannier. Well made ad yoi expect from Wunderlich.

Wunderlich Bottle holder Anthony Lewis on Aug 24, 2018

Rating: 5

Fits easy and very secure, first class service from Nippy Normans,

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