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Optimate (by Wunderlich) Can Bus QUAD BMW Charger with FREE hook and 3 FREE cables

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Part No: WUN-20190-400

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Maintain the battery on all BMW motorcycles from 2004 on including the new R1300 series.

The Optimate (by Wunderlich) Can Bus QUAD BMW Charger will maintain your BMW battery whether standard lead acid (most bikes) or Lithium type.

Just plug the charger into the DIN socket for 24/7 365 days of battery monitoring bliss whatever type of battery (AGM, LEAD ACID, Lithium).

NEW features of the Optimate Quad Charger:

• Suitable for conventional and Lithium batteries.

• Mode selection button to switch between the 4 programs.

• Four programs are - Lead-Acid, Lead-Acid BMW, Lithium and Lithium BMW.

• The maximum charge current has been increased to 1.25A for a faster charge..

• The Lithium charge program includes a BMS reset which can be used to wake up Lithium batteries which have dropped below their shut down voltage (normally around 8V).

Included with the Optimate QUAD charger are:

• OptiMate QUAD charger hanging hook (Optimate part number TS252)

• Optimate QUAD charger DIN connector plug with SAE connector (Optimate part number M79-009)

• Optimate QUAD charger lead with crocodile clips and with SAE connector (Optimate part number M79-004)

• Optimate QUAD charger permanent weatherproof battery lead with SAE connector (Optimate part number M79-001)

• Suitable for charging though the DIN socket on all BMW models since 2004 including the new R1300GS. Also suitable for direct to battery charging on all pre 2004 bikes.


All BMW motorcycles from 2004 with CanBus including:

All C series (scooters)

All F series

All G series

All K series

All R series


All S series

ALSO FITS all BMW motorcycles built prior to 2004 and all other makes of motorcycles using the included crocodile clips (included) OR using the direct to battery SAE connection lead (included).


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