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Clear Pilot cleaning and anti-fog agent

£9.90 £4.90

Part No: KLA-21172

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A total must-have on every motorcycle trip.
The best and most intensive care with antistatic and anti-fog effect for visors, goggles, glasses and sunglasses.
Removes bugs, insects, dirt, grease and sweat easily in no-time and makes your glasses, visor or goggles look as good as new!
No more fogging up in case of temperature change, sweating or high humidity.
Raindrops roll off much better.
A total must-have on every motorcycle.
Pump spray bottle, small dimensions, fits in every pocket or seat compartment.
Usage of soft one-way cleansing tissue is recommended.
Please always check tissue or cloth before using Klar-Pilot. As the product itself will not scratch or damage your visor but impurities or small particles on the cleansing cloth will cause damage.
• Premium anti-fog, anti-static cleaning spray for helmet visors, glasses, goggles, etc.
• Removes bugs and insects, grease, dirt, sweat, etc.
• Cleans and reduces fogging-up of motorcycle helmet visors or goggles.
• Can also be used on TV and computer screens for anti-static-treatment
• Handy spray size


All visors, goggles or glasses.