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Reviews of Paint protector set (beak) - R1200GS LC 2017 on, R1250GS (3 PIECES)

Good product Mike D on Jan 04, 2019

Rating: 4

The three pieces come on a single backing sheet so I cut it into three separate items. I fitted the center part first as per the instructions. It was a little difficult to line up due to shape of beak but got there eventually. Lining up the side pieces was relatively easy but time consuming & has to be done carefully to ensure the edges were lined up with the front profile of the beak & to also line up with the edge of the centre section already in place. Looks good when finished although the Lüster in the paint is slightly dulled as a result. I still managed to trap a dust speck under one side though despite meticulous cleaning. Use of a hairdryer speeds up the process when removing the excess water with the squeegee. Would recommend but only if you are patient & meticulous otherwise it may not look right with dirt specks or air bubbles present.

Paint protection Paul on Jun 11, 2018

Rating: 4

Not easy to fit and impossible not to have air bubbles. But nice when fitted.

Ronseal Steve on Aug 28, 2017

Rating: 5

Good product, easy to use and near to invisible when fitted. Does what it says on the tin.

Paint protector Mark Thomas on Jun 02, 2017

Rating: 4

Protector went on fine but as it dried it bubbled and doesn't look good.1 out of 5

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