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Reviews of Denali D3 LED Light Pod spotlights with DataDim Technology (each)

Plane Spotting Matt Nicholas on Dec 20, 2023

Rating: 5

Very narrow spot beam but boy do these lights have some range. I use them in conjunction with a pair of D4's and a Hex EZCan. not the cheapest setup, but superb quality that really does turn night into day... Awesome

Denali d3 Carlton Moyle on May 13, 2023

Rating: 5

These are fantastic quality, I chose these after viewing some you tube videos of rt,s from the 70,s

Excellent lights Joe Cairney on Dec 23, 2022

Rating: 5

The Denali lights are always excellent, and the D3s are no exception. Build quality, first class. And their performance, especially on dark country roads, truly incredible.

Denali D3 LED's Paul Wheeler on Dec 01, 2022

Rating: 5

Great service from NN. Fitted lights to lower OEM crash bars. D4's or D3's? I prefer the round D3's. Very well made and customisable with different lens/colour options. There is no issue in using the denali extension leads ( I used 2 per light)if reach is an issue to the hexezcan. Denali tech support told me this. Not cheap, but cheaper than the D7's, but good stuff never is. Let there be light!

Denali D3 Svenn Robert Vadseth on Oct 23, 2022

Rating: 5

Fantastic product from Denali as always.

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