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HEX GEN II ezCAN accessory manager R1200 LC/Adv LC/R LC/RS LC/RT LC, R1250GS/1250Adventure, R1250RT

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Part No: HEX-H3-EZL-002

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This is the Generation 2 version (GEN II)

Here are the changes over the previous version

• Connectors now compatible with Denali connectors.r

• it has 4x high power outputs (10A continuous per channel/ 25A, max 20 seconds)

• the silver tube is slightly longer

• it has MT connectors rather than SuperSeal connectors

• the channels have ultimate configuration, meaning that if a user wants 4x brake light channels, it is possible to configure the ezCAN in this way

Simplify adding electrical components to your motorcycle and customize their functions with the HEX ezCAN accessory manager for your liquid cooled BMW R1200GS, R1200GS Adventure, R1200RS, R1200R and R1200RT. This device is ready to power left and right auxiliary lights on individual, high power, 10 amp continuous to 25 amp peak output circuits as well as an auxiliary brake light and accessory power on separate, low power, 4 amp output.

This is the Version 3 iteration of the ezCAN that now features three-wire dimming to control DENALI or other driving lights that can accept a third (data) wire for dimming purposes.

The ezCAN allows you to control those four circuits without adding any additional switches to your BMW. All switching functions are managed through the BMW's original handlebar switches and the Multi Controller we sometimes call the wonder wheel. How does the ezCAN do that? Magic! No, not really; in fact, the ezCAN connects to the BMW's CAN-Bus system to pick up things like switch position and whether the high beams are on or off.

With the free, downloadable, MAC or Windows PC compatible HEX ezCAN software, you can also modify your setup with your computer via a waterproof USB connection to modify which devices receive high or low power, power an auxiliary horn as well and control the functionality of your auxiliary lighting, brake lights, or accessories to meet your needs and preferences.

The downloadable Mac and Windows PC versions of the HEX ezCAN software (down load at www. allows configuration and mapping of the 4 colour coded output channels.

These channels can power:

• Left and right auxiliary driving lights

• A high-power horn

• An auxiliary brake light

• Any 12-volt accessory


• Simple downloadable software for configuration changes – down load at www.

• Independent control of left and right auxiliary driving lights

• Separate settings for daylight and night time running (based on the CAN-Bus-derived light sensor)

• Modulated brake light

• No need for a separate relay for a high-power horn

• New 3-wire dimming control for DENALI and other lights with data-driven dimming circuits

• Retains 2-wire dimming capability

• Auxiliary 12-volt switched output

• Waterproof and dust-proof

• Single switch control of devices

• Enables additional safety features

• Will not void warranty

• Plugs into and is compatible with existing CAN-Bus system

• Configurable via USB with Mac and PC software

• 4 output channels with fuse protection

• Waterproof micro USB connector

• Battery connection with fuse

• 2 CAN-Bus connectors for in line connecting

• 2 high power outputs (10A continuous / 25A max for 20 seconds)

• 2 low power outputs (4A continuous)

• Device measures 2.2in long by 1.2in wide by 0.6in thick


• HEX ezCAN device

• Micro USB cable

• Two Velcro strips

• Four cable ties

• Four stub connectors

• Two blank connectors

To fit mini spotlights to your R1200GS LC you will also need:

1 x RAG-LAH0710000 Denali Light Mount Bracket For BMW R1200GS LC 2013 on, 2017 on

2 x RAG-DNL.DM.050 DM LED light pods

To fit large spotlights to your R1200GS LC or R1250GS you will also need:

1 x RAG-LAH.07.10400 Denali Spotlight Mount Bracket For R1200GS LC 2013 to 2018, R1250GS

2 x RAG-DNL.D4.050 Denali D4 LED Light Pod with DataDim Technology

To fit large spotlights to your R1200Adv. LC 2014 to 2018 you will also need:

1 x RAG-LAH.07.11100 Denali Light Mount Bracket For BMW R1200Adv. LC 2014 to 2018

2 x RAG-DNL.D4.050 Denali D4 LED Light Pod with DataDim Technology

To fit large spotlights to your R1250 Adventure 2019 on you will need:

1 x RAG-LAH-07-11101 Denali Light Mount Bracket For R1250 Adventure 2019 on

2 x RAG-DNL.D4.050 Denali D4 LED Light Pod with DataDim Technology (each)

To fit spotlights to your R1200RT LC or R1250RT you will need:

1 x RAG-LAH-07-10700 Denali spotlight mount brackets for R1200RT LC, R1250RT

2 x RAG-DNL-DR1-050 Denali DR1 LED Light Pod with DataDim Technology

Fits these models:

• R1200GS LC - K50

• R1200GS Adv - K51

• R1200RT LC - K52

• R1200RS LC - K54

• R1200R LC - K53

• R1250GS - K50

• R1250RT - K52

So fits:

• 2013-2018 R1200GS LC

• 2014-2019 R1200GS Adventure

• 2014-2018 R1200RT

• 2015-2019 R1200R/RS

• 2019 R1250GS

• 2019 R1250RT

• 2019 R1250R

• 2019 R1250RS

• 2019 R1250GS Adventure