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Reviews of Denali Complete Sound Bomb (120dB) Horn Kit R1200RT LC 2014 to 2018, R1250RT

Denali horn relay Stephen Bellamy on Feb 04, 2023

Rating: 4

I found my horn did not work after a months use. It was a faulty relay. The horn does take a high current and I suspect the relay is under-rated. I replaced it with a 40A one from Halfords (£8). It's worth having a spare. NN SAYS That is a first. We can send you a freepost label to get it back for an exchange or refund?

Denali Mega Blaster horn RT1250 Stephen Bellamy on Dec 30, 2022

Rating: 4

Sounds brilliant. Not simple to fit as it requires one side of the fairing to be removed to gain access. The replacement bolt which secures the horn bracket to the bike did not want to screw in. Sorted eventually. Space between the fork legs is tight. Not sure how easy it will now be to change the dip beam bulb.

Fitting of the Denali horn Stephen Bellamy on Dec 07, 2022

Rating: 4

I found the kit quite difficult to install. There is quite a lot of the right side fairing to remove. The space available is tight and there is not much clearance between the horn and front brake pipe and the fork legs. Wire colours for the relay coil circuit do not match the instructions so you need a multimeter to work out the +ve and -ve. I had great difficulty in getting the replacement bolt to start its thread when mounting the horn. It took me about 4 hours to fit everything. The hard parts was starting the thread screwing into the fairing frame (why doesn't the design use the original horn mounting point?) and removing/replacing the fairing (many T25 screws of different types, some hidden). Quality looks good, sound and volume is good. Good price for the parts you get.

Denali Sound Bomb Kit -BMWR1200RT Jason Harvey on May 10, 2021

Rating: 5

Amazing Horn !! your been heard for sure !! Was easy to fix on R1200RT - you just have a take off the old horn and bracket which has a crazy long screw ! then take out the Bottom Bolt from the Bolt side and fit the unit with the new supplied bracket system . You need to place and move it backwards a little to clear the spring ( check its also clear of the steering before fully locking ) Remove seat , and the 3 right bottom side panels and then connect power and run cables following the ABS and brake lines to the horn. Fit new BMW cable to the old horn cable ( apply some Tape or other to stop water) Fix the Relay in the area above the Water Rad valve ( loads of room here for it to screw in and the cables to be Zip tied ) Check horn then Zipped and replaced body work ! done in 60-90min !!

Excellent sound Brian Harper on Apr 15, 2020

Rating: 5

Bought this to replace the stock horn and wasn’t disappointed. Extremely easy to fit and wire. I have an EZ-CAN fitted and didn’t realise that there is no need for the wiring kit so could have just purchased the horn on its own. Total install time was about an hour as I wanted to fit the cabling neatly. Overall this was Definitely worth the purchase.

Sounding Safe Colin on Apr 10, 2020

Rating: 5

I wanted an easy to fit loud replacement horn. I am no mechanic. This is it. Removing the OEM was easy although the working space is tight, you do need a good tool set and Torx heads. Installing the new horn requires the removal of another bot, which was tough. The kit comes with a new bolt to use. It is essential to use this, you cannot bolt the new horn in the OEM position as it impedes the steering lock by hitting the forks. The best part is the simple plug in wiring. The short extension plugs straight into the OEM cable. Simple. It works. It’s very loud. It will certainly get attention of your presence.

Sound Bomb Neil Hawkins on Jun 27, 2019

Rating: 5

Excellent product plug & play very easy to install very pleased great delivery also

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