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Wunderlich Vent the BMW K1600 GT

Wunderlich designed their new Vented Screen to make life onboard BMW's K1600 GT much more relaxed, reducing the buffeting and wind-noise many riders experience with standard screens.

At higher speeds a pocket of low pressure -'still' air - can gather behind larger motorcycle screens. Far from keeping the rider and passenger protected from turbulence and wind noise, it can make things worse: fast-moving air attempts to fill the pocket, causing buffeting/turbulence along with an uncomfortable and distracting low-frequency 'rumble'.

Allowing air into this pocket can smooth out the airflow and substantially reduce the rumbling noise, so Wunderlich incorporated an adjustable vent into their screen.

Low enough to be out of the rider's field of vision, the vent is also high enough to affect the airflow around the head and upper body, helping to balance the pressure behind the screen.

Depending on the conditions, and the rider's requirements, the vent can be adjusted to fine-tune the 'riding pocket' for maximum comfort – even in the closed position it will re-direct air up the back of the screen, so it still balances the pressure.

The screen has similar dimensions to the original - it measures 550mm high – and is made from highly scratch-resistant, 5 mm-thick Lexan resin, made for crystal-clear optical quality.

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