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Wunderlich in the frame for 1250 GS

The large openings on both sides of the GS allow a clear view of the rear wheel, swingarm bearing and suspension strut, but no barrier against rainwater, dirt, grit, grime and other detritus flung up from the road or trail; Wunderlich Frame Covers plug the gaps and catch the muck.

Discreet, unobtrusive and lightweight, they’re made from high quality, 3mm thick PP thermoplastic, and are shaped to fit the frame perfectly, while blending in with the GS styling.

They’re quick and easy to fit - no drilling, cutting or fiddly fixings - and won’t get in the way of the rider or pillion’s leg position. Each kit comes with everything needed for mounting: frame cladding right and left, and fastening materials.

The covers can be just as easily removed, for maintenance access.

Designed to fit both the R 1250 GS LC and Adventure, as well as the preceding R 1200 GS and Adventure models, price and further details can be found HERE