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Wunderlich fob off keyless bike hackers

As convenient as keyless operation is for owners, it can leave their machines vulnerable to theft. Thieves use an electronic relay device to intercept the keyless fob’s signal, and ‘trick’ the bike’s on-board computer into disarming the alarm and/or immobiliser, allowing it to be started and ridden away.

This can happen while the machine is parked on the owner's property, with the key inside the house; the thieves don’t have to touch the machine or key, they simply need to be close enough to intercept the fob’s signal.

Wunderlich’s Keyless Fob Case contains an RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) Blocker, which stops the fob’s signal being broadcast and also radio waves reaching it, preventing unauthorised access and use.

There are no programming requirements or complex operations to learn - whenever the keyless fob is in the case, it is protected.

Built to last and shield the key from everyday threats, like damage from being dropped or knocked, the Wunderlich Case is made from water-repellent and super tough fluorocarbon-impregnated Cordura® 1000 fabric.

It has a handy, integrated metal ring to attach the fob and is secured using Velcro for quick access.

As an added bonus, it makes the fob a lot easier to find in luggage or pockets.

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