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Wunderlich Cockpit Bag - R1200RT LC

Wunderlich's new Cockpit Bag offers a handy place for R1200RT LC riders to stash a wallet, mobile phone, travel documents, visor wipes and any other items needed in a hurry during a ride.

Easily and quickly mounted in the unused space between the RT's windscreen and dashboard, it's ideal for those looking for additional storage capacity, riders who don't want to use a tank bag – or who’ve filled their's up already – and helps cut out awkward fiddling about in jacket pockets at fuel stops, tolls etc.

Secured with Velcro and two Tenax fasteners, so there are no fiddly clips,zips or mounting kits to worry about, the bag can be detached quickly and easily when a destination is reached.

Made from a tough, water-resistant Cordura, to keep essential items well-protected, the bag measures a generous 250 x 200 x 50 mm.

An easy-pull tab on the zip means items can be accessed without taking gloves off – a bonus when making quick stops – while a blue lining helps smaller objects inside stand out, so they're easy to spot.

The Cockpit Bag retails is suitable for all model years of the BMW R1200RT LC.