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Wunderlich Box Clever with USB

A true plug-n-play design, the USB Charging Box fits all BMW motorcycles prepared for the standard Navigator V and VI system. It simply plugs into the existing Navigator cradle, taking power from the mount contacts - no new wiring required, no additional ports to purchase, and no cutting holes in bodywork or fiddly brackets to fit.

Once in place the Box gives the rider the option of two standard USB ports - one USB 3.1 type A and one USB 3.1 type C - from which devices can be powered. Both ports meet the ‘Quick Charge’ QC 3.0 and QC 4.0 standards for rapid charging.

A handy blue LED light, located above the two USB slots, shows when the box is providing power.

The Box comes complete with four threaded sockets and screws, which allow the fitment of various mounting and navigation systems - like the popular Garmin Zumo XT - allowing both mounting and charging without additional brackets or cabling.

It’s made using a tough, hybrid material of recycled plastics, reinforced with glass fibres for durability. Once attached, the Box is locked in place, so it can't be easily removed by thieves.

As you’d expect, it is splash and dust-proof, and when not in use elastomer covers seal the USB slots.

The Wunderlich USB Charging Box works with all F, G, R and S -series BMW motorcycles fitted with the Navigator V and VI mount.