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Wunderlich 2WD for BMW R 1200 GS LC

German BMW specialist Wunderlich has developed the first ever BMW R 1200 GS LC with additional front-wheel drive. The Wunderlich GS hybrid has a ten-kilowatt electrical front wheel gearbox, which gives the big enduro more propulsion on the ground and also draws the GS through curves on the road more quickly. For additional efficiency, energy produced while braking is used to recharge the battery. The front-wheel operation is adjustable during operation and can be used entirely on its own. It will drive the bike at up to 20 kilometres per hour (12.5 mph), using battery power when the bike's engine is turned off. It can also be used for manoeuvring assistance, (parking the 238 kg machine on slopes, pushing the bike up ramps, etc) and even provides a reverse function at three kilometres per hour. For now the FWD GS is purely a concept; "We want to show what is going on and establish standards!" Wunderlich CEO Frank Hoffmann states.