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Ultimate Puncture Repair Tool

Puncture repair kits normally consist of either a standalone plugging system requiring additional tools, or a full system with loose parts. Either way results in a bulky kit of several pieces that are all too easily misplaced.

Designed specifically for motorcyclists, this 4-in-1 tool contains a pair of pliers, a rasp, an insertion tool and sharp knife, as well as five ‘repair strings’ - everything needed to fix 99% of tubeless punctures.

It packs into a sheath measuring just 130 x 68 x 50 mm - small enough to fit in a jacket pocket or under a bike seat. Quick and easy to use, it takes just four steps to plug a puncture:

Remove the nail/screw/thorn from the tyre with the pliers;

Use the rasp to remove sharp edges from the tyre’s steel ply and prepare the hole;

Push in a repair string using the insertion tool;

Remove the excess string with the knife.

The repair strings are pre-vulcanized, so they don’t need any glue - even less to carry and fiddle about with at the side of the road - and they’re designed to both plug the hole and leave a patch-style repair on the inside of the tyre.

Nippy Normans also offer a range of compact pumps - both manual and electric - for complete roadside tyre repair capability; ideal for commuting, touring and particularly overlanding, when access to recovery and garage services is limited.