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Take control with Vario Levers

A revolution in ergonomics, Wunderlich Vario Levers are now available to fit the BMW R 1250 GS, putting the control back in the hands of the rider, with precise two-way adjustment for comfort, control and safety in all conditions.

Unlike other brake and clutch levers, Wunderlich Vario Levers are adjustable for both reach and length, allowing the rider to tailor clutch and brake control to suit his/her hand size, style of riding and the road.

Vario Levers allow precise operation of the clutch and brake with two or three fingers, without pinching the remaining finger/s.

A generous 12.7mm (0.5in) of reach adjustment is possible, however it feels like more - unlike most OE levers, the blade is shaped to sit parallel to the handlebar.

The reach can also be adjusted while riding - useful when dealing with a changing pressure point, when riding on the track or negotiating a technical, twisty route - thanks to the unique adjustment wheel, which is easy to operate, even with thick winter gloves.

Length adjustment is quickly and easily carried out by loosening the set screw, selecting the desired length, and re-tightening.

Each Vario Lever is machined from anodized aluminium, with all materials and processes conforming to aircraft standards, tested and approved to the strict German TÜV.

They’re also tough and even fully extended can withstand a force of over 130 pounds.

Wunderlich Vario Levers are available for most models of BMW, including F series, K series and R series machines .

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