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Bigger, faster, stronger – SonicScrubber Pro

Bigger, faster, stronger and now rechargeable, the new and improved Sonic Scrubber Professional makes even lighter work of bike cleaning.

Both tool and heads are 45% thicker and stronger than the standard model - the Sonic Scrubber Professional is designed to be tough enough to take the hits of regular use.

Internal components have been upgraded to steel and the tool now features a refined motor that delivers higher torque figures than the standard model.

A new brush replacement system allows the user to replace the bristles, rather than whole head stem, making the kit more compact and more cost-effective too.

The Sonic Scrubber Professional also uses a rechargeable battery pack (instead of the standard model's AA batteries), providing up to three hours of constant use. The battery charging pack comes with two charging slots to keep an additional battery (purchased separately) topped up.

Working on a similar principle to an electric toothbrush, the SonicScrubber's cleaning head oscillates 10,000 times per minute – 25 times faster than the human hand - taking the hard work out of cleaning a bike. It also means users don't need to press as hard as when using a manual brush – or to move it around as vigorously - so although it's very tough on dirt, it's less likely to cause damage to sensitive surfaces.

Multiple shapes and sizes of brush heads make it easier to tackle larger and flatter surfaces, like bodywork and engine casings, as well as those hard-to reach and tricky areas, such as spokes and brake callipers, suspension components, and crevices in engines and frames. It can even be used on chains and sprockets, and is capable of removing light rust/corrosion from bright-work.

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