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Screen Stiffener for R1200GS LC

March 2016

Cymarc Adjustable Screen Strengthening Brackets for the liquid-cooled R1200 GS and GSA help to cure the annoying and often distracting issue of screen vibration experienced by some riders.

Screen wobbles can be caused by a wide variety of factors, including road surface, wind direction and engine vibration. Adventure sport bike riders often experience screen vibration when riding on unpaved or poorly maintained roads, when undulations in the road/trail surface can set off a screen wobble.

Cymarc's brackets help to reduce the movement. They anchor onto the lower screen brace assembly and extend up, curving around the sat-nav bracket, holding the screen firmly and adding extra bracing.

The brackets are fully adjustable over the full range of movement of the screen: the rider simply sets the screen to the required angle, then tightens both thumb screws, drastically reducing the wobbling.

There's no drilling required, as the set-up uses existing mounting points, and all the fasteners are `captive` to help with assembly.

Designed and made in the UK in stainless steel – all fasteners are stainless too – and powder coated in satin finish black, Cymarc Adjustable Screen Strengthening Brackets retail at £59.00 including VAT. They fit the R1200 GSA LC 2014-onwards and also the 2013-on R1200 GS LC.