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New intAct Battery Guard

The new intAct Battery Guard harnesses smartphone technology so that you can check the condition and charge of any 6 Volt or 12 Volt motorcycle battery, from up to 6 metres away.

Simply attach the Battery Guard unit to your battery using the eyelet terminals provided, then download the free app to your iOS, Android or Windows 10 'phone (or tablet) to monitor its condition remotely. No need to remove bike covers, seats or side panels for access every time.

An easy-to-read tachometer-style display on the device shows the charge status. The voltage value – accurate to within 0.02 Volts – is also displayed, and, if it falls below the minimum value, the user is automatically notified that charging is required.

A graph display also gives a handy reference to the rate at which your battery is discharging.

The intAct has a range of approximately 6 metres (20 feet), so the battery can be monitored without even having to enter the shed/garage or leave the house (if it's parked outside).

The app is capable of monitoring up to 10 intAct units at once, so is ideal for those needing to keep an eye on multiple machines. A paid app can track up to 100 batteries, for those with large collections and/or businesses.

Particularly useful for machines fitted with alarms or tracker units, which can quickly flatten the battery if left unattended, the intAct is also ideal for machines that aren't used regularly.

The intAct Battery Guard can be used for 6, 12 and 24 Volt batteries.

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