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MetroVac makes bike drying a blast

Made in the USA and built to last, the SK-1 Sidekick features all-steel construction, yet it only weighs around 1.3kg.

The low weight and compact design doesn’t mean the user has to compromise on performance - inside there’s a 950-watt 1.3 HP single fan motor, capable of delivering a peak airflow of 14,460 litres a minute.

That power means the Sidekick can dry a washed or rain-soaked bike quickly and effectively, reducing the risk of water spotting and corrosion on paint and brightwork, and helping to get moisture out of areas unreachable with a chamois or other drying cloth.

Since there's no need to touch the bike with drying cloths, it significantly reduces the risk of accidental scratching and scuff damage.

Designed for one hand-operation users can direct the jet/airflow wherever it’s needed in an instant. There’s a wide ‘air flare’ nozzle for drying larger sections like bodywork, and a precision non-scratch blower nozzle for intricate areas, allowing a thorough dry.

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