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Home and Away with Nippy Normans Folding Funnels

The new Folding Funnels Home and Away Kit from Nippy Normans is designed to make fluid refills and top-ups clean, safe and easy, wherever you are.

Featuring a ‘push to fold’ collapsible design, the compact folding funnels can be stashed in a tool box, under a bike seat or in luggage, ready for routine servicing at home, or for emergency top-ups whilst out on the road.

The durable, heat-resistant silicone construction is flexible, so they're much easier to get into the awkwardly-located fillers found on many bikes and scooters than a rigid funnel, helping to get the fluid where it should be and not all over your bike/hand/floor (or all three!).

A four-step flow system helps reduce the risk of overfilling too.

The kit comes with two funnels: one with a large aperture for faster filling, and one smaller for more controlled top-ups.

Safe to use with all engine and transmission oils, as well as brake and clutch fluids, the funnels can also be used for topping up drinking containers and hydra-packs, and can even be used on the camp-site and in the kitchen – thorough cleaning recommended first, of course!

Ideal for any commuter, tourer, overlander or classic bike owner, the Folding Funnels Home and Away Kit is available HERE