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Guard Your Garmin with Wunderlich

Worth hundreds of pounds and with no means of securing it to the bike built-in, the Zumo is a tempting, quick and easy steal for an opportunist.

Attached directly to the XT’s mount and operated with a key, the Wunderlich kit secures the Zumo in seconds, preventing even a determined thief taking it whilst the bike is unattended.

If the owner would prefer to take the Zumo with them, the unit can be removed with a simple turn of the key.

Secured beneath the navigation unit via a tailor made and powder-coated steel bracket, the kit is designed to be unobtrusive and won't affect the use or charging of the Zumo.

It’s straightforward to mount - everything needed is included - and can be fitted to most F, G, R and S-series BMWs.

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