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Extra protection for BMW 1250 Boxers

A simple solution to a potentially costly problem, Wunderlich’s R 1250 GS Engine Protection Cover protects the vulnerable Boxer engine casings from dirt and debris thrown up by the front wheel.

Sitting directly in the path of stones, road grime, grit and everything else thrown up by the front tyre, the 1250cc engine’s front casing can quickly pick up unsightly chips and marks - or worse.

Made from impact-resistant, corrosion-free plastic, Wunderlich’s Engine Cover forms a tough barrier between the casing and the front wheel, stopping harmful debris from getting anywhere near the alloy cover.

Precision contoured for a perfect fit, the cover won’t affect cornering clearance or access for servicing and repairs.

It’s quick and easy to mount, attaching via four existing points on the engine casing - no fiddly brackets or complex fitting kits - and unlike metal versions, adds minimal weight.

Alongside the GS, it can also be fitted to the R 1250 GS Adventure, 1250 R and 1250 RS, as well as selected liquid-cooled R 1200 models.

See price and fitment lists here