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BMW mounts for a multitude of mobiles - published April 2015

BMW accessory specialists Nippy Normans have added a complete range of Ram Mounts, mobile device holders and protective cases to its 2015 range, so riders can stay connected whenever they ride.

RAM's patented Ball and Socket system offers secure and convenient mounting. Simply fix the RAM Mount onto the handlebar top clamp, using one of the various length bolts supplied in the kit, and it's ready. The tough, 1-inch ball is rubber coated to help absorb vibration and protect the mounted device, making it easier to view on the move.

This system fits the BMW F650 twin, F700GS, F800S/ST/R/GT/GS and Adventure, K1200GT, K1300GT, R1200GS (2004 to 2012), R1200GS LC (2013 on), R1200 Adventure (2005 to 2013), R1200GS LC (2014 on), R NINE T and R1200RT (to 2013). The Ram handlebar clamp attachment kit sells for £13 including VAT.

Specific fitting kits are available for bikes with stem-mounted bars: the R1200RT LC, K1200/1300 R/S and the K1600GT/GTL (all £40 including VAT) and S1000R/RR (£28).

Three sizes of RAM Double Socket Arm Mount are available: the popular 2.38inch (60mm) 'Short' arm at £15, and 3.69 inch (94mm) 'Medium' (£15) and 6 inch (152mm) 'Long' (£23) versions. Both medium and long versions are suitable for riders who use tank bags, because the longer arms hold the device clear of the bag so that it is in the rider's field of vision.

Each arm has a socket at both ends that accepts the RAM Ball, and allows for almost infinite adjustment and viewing angles. Medium and long versions have a single spring inside the arm, which holds the end sockets open, allowing easy fitting and adjustment.

A range of RAM compatible weatherproof protective cases from ArmourGuard (from £47), and Sheltis (from £29) are available for most popular makes of smart phone. The new RAM X-Grip universal smart phone and sat nav holder is also available.

BMW motorcycles feature a factory-installed connector to power GPS and Nippy Normans offer a choice of cables with USB connectors that plug into the BMW harness, providing power to phones and other devices. These sell for £29.

Notes: Nippy Normans have specialised in sourcing high quality spares and accessories for BMW motorcycles for over 30 years, including Wunderlich and MachineArt.

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