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Anti-Gravity Lantern and Flashlight

Ideal for touring, when luggage space is tight, Anti-Gravity's new multi-functional Lantern and Flashlight provide light, music, hands-free calling and USB charging, all-in-one.

The Multi-Function Lantern can be set on a surface, hung from its fold-up handle or hand-held to provide a wide spread of light – ideal for camping or working on the bike in low light conditions. If a more concentrated beam is needed, the lantern can be compressed to just 3.8cm, then used as a torch. It features two light modes: half or full brightness.

Fully Bluetooth compatible, it can also operate as a Wireless Speaker and the Lantern’s onboard buttons give full control to play, pause and skip tracks, as well as adjusting volume. In addition, a built-in microphone means it can also be used as a hands-free Bluetooth Speaker-phone.

The Lantern has 1800 mAh capacity and can be used for light and audio for approx 8 hours on a single charge. Re-charging is simple, using a standard USB port.

Details here

Multi-functional, modular, and water-resistant, the UltraLight X LED Flashlight can also be used to light your way while walking, camping or at the roadside.

Like the Lantern, the UltraLight X can operate as a Wireless Bluetooth Speaker and as a Hands-Free Bluetooth Speaker-phone, and comes complete with an additional Speaker Pod – just remove the Flashlight head and clip on the second Speaker on for louder, fuller sound.

The UltraLight can also act as a Power Bank Charger to give extra charge to a smartphone, camera and any other USB device, from its 2600mAh lithium battery.

Like the Lantern, it can be charged using a standard USB port or cigarette lighter adapter.

Supplied with a bicycle handlebar mount and a car sun visor clip, for hands-free music and 'phone operation while driving.

More info here