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Avant Guard engine protector - R1200R LC/RS LC, R1250R/1250RS



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Buy the Combo which includes the front Avant extender - search for part number MAM-COMBO12MRSLC

A conventional mudguard extender cannot be fitted to the flimsy front mudguard fitted to the R LC and RS LC and R1250R/1250RS. The front mudguard is simply too flexible and not a sufficiently stable anchor for mounting a mudguard extender.
Therefore MachineArt the makers of the MudSling and Avant front mudguard extenders for other BMW models have developed the Avant Guard.
The Avant Guard is a front end stone and splash guard that protects the painted engine and exhaust headers of the liquid-cooled BMW R1200R/RS from serious and costly abrasion damage. The Avant Guard is a new kind of protection product designed to reflect these bikes distinctive styling while taking over the function of a front mudguard extender.
The Avant Guard covers the full height of the engine, 12.5 (325mm), mounting to two existing screws at the top, and to the bottom of the engine case via an aluminum bracket and M8 bolts. At its widest point, 11.5 (295mm), it partially overlaps the exhaust headers to reduce stone abrasion, while leaving sufficient clearance for cooling airflow.
The Avant Guard is injection moulded nylon the same material used by BMW for its mudguards and side skirts. Its fine matt texture helps hide abrasion marks from use over time. Perfectly compliments MacheArt's MudSling for the same bikes (part number MAM-SLING-RSLC) and Xhead head protectors for the same bikes (part number MAM-X-HEADLC)
ENGINE BARS - Fits with the genuine BMW stainless steel engine protector bars.
SPOTLIGHTS - Does not fit with the genuine BMW spotlights but will if you buy the MachineArt light bracket part number MAM-AVG-LB2BM.
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