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Reviews of MachineArt X-Heads for 1250 models (pair) R1250GS/1250Adv, R1250RT/1250RS/1250R

MachineArt X-Head protectors Robert Jeffries on Aug 01, 2020

Rating: 5

Excellent and easy fit and great quality, very pleased with them.

Great item!!! Tony Hancock on Jul 10, 2020

Rating: 4

Great quality item, very easy fitting. They look great too. Recommended!!

Great product John Marchment on Jun 27, 2020

Rating: 5

These covers are very well made and attached by only 3 screws into pre-drilled and tapped holes. Almost as if 'arranged' by BMW!. The are super easy to fit and hug the contours of the heads superbly. A bit pricey though. A pair costs the same as one cylinder head!

Head protection William Clark on Jun 23, 2020

Rating: 5

Brilliant accessory, very easy to fit. Just a simple drop in the carpark can cost hundreds without them. Highly recommended.

? Pascal Broos on Apr 29, 2020

Rating: 5

Na enkele dagen geleverd. Product zeer goed beschermend ingepakt. Gemonteerd op 5 min tijd met bijgeleverde schroeven en paste perfect. Ik raad dit zeker iedereen aan.

Snug fit Keith Leadsford on Apr 17, 2020

Rating: 5

Really snug fit on the heads and 1.5mm space between the protectors and the Touratech engine crashbars. BULLETPROOF!

Cylinder Guards Bob. Provan on Apr 04, 2020

Rating: 5

Seems expensive until you drop the bike; lighter and neater than engine bars.

MachineArt x heads Simon Hunt on Feb 28, 2020

Rating: 5

Fitted in under 10 mins. Well engineered and look good too.

MachineArt X-Heads for 1250 GSA David Potter on Feb 28, 2020

Rating: 5

I wanted the best product for my R1250 and the X Head covers are that, they fitted perfectly and come with the required Bolts etc I am really pleased with the finish and fit to my bike an easy DIY addition.

MachineArt X-Heads for 1250 models (pair) R1250GS/1250Adv, R1250RT/1250RS/1250R Ramon Viso on Nov 05, 2019

Rating: 5

Very Easy to install!!! Immediately went on a trip with very technical roads. Went down exactly were the dirt road turns into pavement and the bike slid on its side on the pavement. Even though the product was shaved it did a spectacular job protecting the engine. Could not be happier.

The best! Kuki Barbuceanu on Oct 22, 2019

Rating: 5

NN is the most serious and reliable BMW (at least) accessory supplier on the EU market. Period! The MachineArt X-Heads looks and fits perfect. I just hope to don't test their utility.

machine art head protectors r1250rs Nicholas Bamber on Oct 15, 2019

Rating: 5

Look good ,good protection and well made

X Heads for R 1250 RT Loïc LE BAIL on Oct 04, 2019

Rating: 4

Beautiful appearance on the bike, really well designed and manufactured.

Great product Matt on Oct 01, 2019

Rating: 4

Really good product, I am sure that they will do their job if the time comes! Watch out for the lower mount bolt it goes in on the wonk!!

XHEADS 1250 Kev Gray on Sep 26, 2019

Rating: 5

As is the norm with any product from Machine Art, these 1250 X-Head protectors fitted perfectly, and fitted very easily in minutes. They also look like an OEM BMW part and match the bike's other abs perfectly.

machine art x head for r1250rs Graham Lewis on Sep 25, 2019

Rating: 5

looks good well fitted and better than the BMW ones

Great quality and neat styling Stephen Normington on Sep 25, 2019

Rating: 4

I had X-Heads on my old R1200GS LC and they worked perfectly when I dropped my bike at a standstill outside a B&B on holiday. The 1250 version are also excellent quality and look good fitted. My only complaint is the Torx screws supplied with them as the socket is quite shallow and a poor fit to the Torx wrench. It would be easy to damage the socket, so I’d recommend buying some OE BMW Torx screws instead.

Machine Art X-heads for 1250 Tilly on Sep 19, 2019

Rating: 5

Perfect. Easy to fit and look better than anything BMW currently has to offer.

machineart 1250 xheads Pedro Rodrigues on Sep 19, 2019

Rating: 5

Look good on the bike, very easy to fit and are what I was expecting, recomended.

Machine Art X-heads for 1250 Jim Caola on Aug 28, 2019

Rating: 5

Arrived and fitted in less than 10 mins, ridiculously easy and look OEM. A quick wipe over with some ACF50 and I'm ready for winter and any unexpected drops. Might be an idea to put a drop of thread sealant on the lower bolts which I will do but the instructions don't mention it.

MachineArt X-Heads Barry Graham on Aug 27, 2019

Rating: 5

Easy installation and a very good fit against the heads.Should offer good protection in the event of a tip over.

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