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Reviews of Wunderlich lifting lever (black) - R1200R LC/RS LC, R1250R/RS

Lifting Lever Colin on Oct 11, 2020

Rating: 4

The product comes well packaged as always, instructions on how to fit it was good, however I did struggle with undoing the bolts that hold the rear foot rest on, i did in the end take the bike to my local dealer who also struggled as we found out BMW had used locktite on the bolts, as otheres have mentioned the near the electrics box meke it a little tricky to get and tighten up, other that that i found the fitting was straight forward. After the initial difficulties the product is great and makes such a difference when lifting the bike on to the centre stand. As always from Wunderlich a well made and good addition to the bike.

Easy lifter Mick Greenland on Mar 05, 2020

Rating: 4

Similar to other comments maybe ok on other bikes but the electrics undertray stops you from accessing the top fixing however, if you use a smaller tool and manage to fully wind in by hand then the bottom is fully accesable to tighten. 'Suggest the manufacture' use hex head screws with a tube like spacer so you don't have to fart arse around! Finally, if you intend to use a 'mudslinger' it won't fit with this item unless your clever enough to cut around it and then only cable tie to flat steel strip and not the frame tube. The product is 5* but the desigener should get off the cad system (or drawing board) and try fitting it! he should get 1* hence 4*

Easier lifting Marc Houlton on Oct 26, 2019

Rating: 4

Fitting, for my bike was a little fiddly as I had Mudsling fitted - so Mudsling removed, notch put into Mudsling - approx 80mm x 25mm deep, Lift handle fitted (10mins, including all bolts replaced) then Mudsling refitted, all done. Test, much easier for me, ( I’d used the passenger footrest hanger before !). Not a bad product, bit costly, but it’s a quality item, not looking out of place on the BMW - also gets you in the workshop for a while - so good all round.

this is awkward robert dawtry on May 29, 2019

Rating: 3

Nice idea and well made. however it is an absolute pig to fit. The electrics tray interferes with any attempt to adequately tighten the mounting screws. Good item but not for this model of bike, disappointed

Good product Brian Bennett on Oct 01, 2018

Rating: 4

Well made, very strong, when fitted in correct position makes all the difference to lifting fully laden bike onto centre stand. If you have a mudsling fitted you will have to cut some away to fit this.

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