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ADVance Guards (pair) Triumph Tiger 1200 (2018 to 2024)



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From the makers of the MudSling, Avant extenders and X-Head head protectors – MachineArt – we bring you a new innovation.
ADVance Guard v2, multi-functional hand guards are uniquely designed to provide broad protection and easy adjustability to adapt to a variety of weather and riding conditions.

The v2 is improved with a new frame material, a super tough Nylon composite engineered for resilience against impact forces that exceeds the impact strength of the previous generation aluminium frame. ADVance Guards’ patented multi-functional adjustability have distinct rider benefits and their unique appearance enhances all motorcycle brands.
The patented (patent number 9,802,666) ADVance Guards are the most versatile and effective hand guards available today.
Adjustable Wind Control

Adventure bike and dual sport riders must adapt to a wide variety of environmental and weather conditions - from highway to single track, hot temperature in the dirt, warm air in the countryside, or driving rain and cold temperatures on the motorway. The ADVance Guards height adjustable shield and removable front insert enable you to easily adapt to prevailing conditions without the need for tools.
The wide Safety Frame provides tough protection for rider and handlebar controls in case of tip-overs or impact with outcroppings on a narrow trail. With or without the front insert installed, the Aluminium Safety Frame covers not only the hands, but also the control levers and switches. Used by itself without the insert or adjustable shield attached the open centre permits cooling air flow. The Aluminium Safety Frame mounts to the bar end and to the handlebar with forged aluminium mounts shaped to clear control cables.
The ADVance Guards are an assembly of 3 main components:

• A wide Safety Frame with an open airflow front.
• An insert that fills the open front when snapped in.
• A Sliding Shield that is adjustable up and down to control airflow and adapt to different weather conditions.

Fully extended vertical coverage is 142mm by adjusting the Sliding Shield into its open position. The ADVance Guards height is 100mm. Shield adjustments must be made while the bike is stationary.
The insert and Sliding Shield are injection moulded in a resilient polymer and are easily attached or removed from the Aluminium Safety Frame. The main body of the ADVance Guard is also made from a resilient polymer.


• SAFE - Wide Safety Frame
• AIRFLOW CONTROL - open or closed front face
• HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE - Sliding Shield adjusts from 100 mm to 140mm (5.625)
• CUSTOM ALUMINIUM MOUNTING KITS – to fit your bike quickly and securely using clear instructions.


Triumph Tiger 1200 (2018 to 2024)