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Reviews of Wunderlich oil cooler grill (black) - K1600GT/GTL/B/GA

Looks good and works well David Allen on Jun 19, 2020

Rating: 4

This is a well made product and was easy to fit - took about 15 minutes. When fitted it looks infinitely better than the gap that the bike comes with from the factory. IMO its essential to protect the K1600's oil cooler with something since it's quite vulnerable. It doesn't have to be the Wunderlich version but I think it's the best looking of the bunch. The only thing that stops me giving it 5 stars is the price. At £94 it's about 1.5 times more expensive than the next most expensive. I would have thought it should for sell for closer to £70....but then, you pays your money and you takes your choice! I don't regret buying it at all.

Great product Bob Mayes on Mar 07, 2020

Rating: 5

Easy to fit to my K1600GT. I had anticipated a bit of a ‘struggle’ having read a previous review but I found it very easy to fit with no issues whatsoever. It’s definitely worth watching the you tube video by Wunderlich on how to fit it. Highly recommended, this product does a job protecting the oil cooler and looks great too!

Good but ... Alan on Mar 10, 2018

Rating: 4

Product as described. As with other items supplied by NN, the instructions are somewhat lacking, however there is a good video if you search for product under makers name. K1600 GT owners should note that the fairing design is different to the GT/GTL and its a real struggle to screw the gill into the fairing holes as you cant get screwdriver in without levering fairing away from body!!

Rad protector Paul Campbell on Aug 17, 2016

Rating: 5

Easy to fit if you have star bit. Solid kit and looks the dogs nuts

Wunderlich Oil Cooler Grill Paul Watson on Jun 01, 2016

Rating: 5

Excellent piece of kit, well made, easy to install, piece of mind.

Oil Cooler Grill Jim Elkin on May 18, 2016

Rating: 3

A well finished a good looking bit of kit, easy to fit although you do have to ensure the outer fairing has not moved forward prior to replacing the mounting bolts.

jl vallauri on Aug 06, 2015

Rating: 5


Robin Docksey on Jul 25, 2015

Rating: 5

So easy to fit! Looks good too. Worth the money.

Green Stanley on Jul 05, 2015

Rating: 5

Superb quality, fit and finish. Easy to fit. Transforms the appearance of the front of the bike

Frank May on Apr 14, 2015

Rating: 5

I found the Guard very good and the quality very good I also got a Headlight protector and that is very good

Magnus Mörtling on Aug 09, 2014

Rating: 5

Fits great and is maybe sturdy enough to keep up to small birds away from the fragile oil cooler.

Alan Laurie on Jun 09, 2014

Rating: 4

Excellent bit of kit, a recommended item. Fairly easy to fit, images on instructions are not that clear and could do with improving. Once worked out a very good fit.

Brian Sheppard on Jul 20, 2013

Rating: 4

Easy to fit and looks great.

Eric SCHAETZEL on Jun 30, 2013

Rating: 4

Easy to install. Good quality. To be recommended.

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