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Tank bags and tank lockrings

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In stock

GiVi Lockable Sport bag (needs tank filler ring to fit)

Part: GIV-ST605

£154.00 NOW! £138.60

In stock

GiVi Metro Tank Bag

Part: GIV-MT505

£93.50 NOW! £79.90

In stock

GiVi seat bag set - R1200GS LC all years, R1250GS

Part: GIV-XS315

£68.00 NOW! £62.90

In stock

Givi Seatlock Base Plate

Part: GIV-S430

£27.50 NOW! £26.90

In stock

GiVi TankLock Bag Flange - universal (ZT480F-2R)

Part: GIV-ZT480F

£23.00 NOW! £18.90

In stock

GiVi Tanklock tank ring G310R/GS

Part: GIV-BF31


In stock

GiVi Tanklock tank ring R1300GS

Part: GIV-BF84

£20.50 NOW! £19.90

In stock

GiVi TANKLOCKED Sport-T tank bag – 6 litre (replaces ST602)

Part: GIV-ST611

£125.50 NOW! £119.90

In stock