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In stock

GiVi quality first aid kit

Part: GIV-S301

£18.00 NOW! £16.90

In stock
In stock

GiVi Canyon waterproof tank bag 20 litre

Part: GIV-GRT715

£152.50 NOW! £99.90

Out of stock

GiVi elastic cargo net (35 x 25 cm)

Part: GIV-T11N

£11.00 NOW! £6.00

In stock

GiVi hand guard extenders spare parts

Part: GIV-5108EHKITR


In stock

GiVi hand guards (black) - F800R 2015 to 2019

Part: GIV-HP5118

£115.00 NOW! £99.90

In stock

GiVi handlebar muffs

Part: GIV-TM418

£51.00 NOW! £29.90

In stock

GiVi Highflow screen (clear) G310GS

Part: GIV-D5126ST

£88.50 NOW! £79.90