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Reviews of Optimate charger extension lead - 4 meters

Motorcycle maintenence Simon keenlyside on Apr 07, 2024

Rating: 5

Terrific ! And just what i needed to keep the motorcycle battery optimised in a garage with no electricity .i couldnt do without it .thanks

Really useful Dave Franklin on Jan 14, 2024

Rating: 5

Really useful accessories to the Optimate charger. My charger is fixed to garage wall, this extension cable reaches all around the garage not critical where bike parked in relation to a mains socket. More convenient. Great service as always from Nippy.

Extra reach Trevor on Oct 25, 2023

Rating: 5

Actually bought so I can keep my car on trickle charge whilst parked outside the garage during winter lay ups, at 4.6m long it’s perfect to reach the socket in the garage where the bike is plugged in so I can swap over from bike to car alternately to keep both topped up without having to buy another charger, very happy overall with purchase.

Mr Sandy Mcphail on Jun 29, 2023

Rating: 4

Optimate 4m extension lead used on Optimate solar panel. Works perfect. Score 5 star.

Good product Mark Sheppard on Apr 15, 2023

Rating: 5

Nicely made, and works well.

mr SVEN OLSEN on Mar 02, 2022

Rating: 5

easy to install and works perfectly

4m Extension Dave on Dec 28, 2021

Rating: 4

Does exactly what it says on the packet. Means I can leave the charger plugged in and fixed to the wall in the garage, doesn't matter where I park the bike(s) the charger lead will reach.

Optimate 4m extension lead John Burton on Feb 03, 2021

Rating: 4

An ideal bit of kit which lets me leave the charger on the wall by the power sockets and run the cable across the ceiling to "drop" down to the bike's parking spot.

Saved me work Paul Hobson on May 18, 2020

Rating: 4

I was going to wire in a new socket in my garage until I saw this extension lead. All I had to do was run the lead along my garage roof and drop it down to my bike. Saved me time and hassle

Not need and returned it. David Thomas on Jan 09, 2020

Rating: 4

Not needed because there was enough cable on the charger alone.

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