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Reviews of Black Box Embedded LINQ version 2.0

WunderLINQ Le Bail Loïc on Oct 21, 2021

Rating: 4

Hello Wunderlinq is an infinitely programmable intelligent system. This infinite programming is precisely the reason that requires you to spend a lot of learning time to use it. I use it alternately with a Garmin Navigator VI, much like a back-up system in case the Garmin crashes. So far the only complaint I can make is about the relatively slow response between the impulses of the BMW Wonderwheel and the WunderLINQ app . Maybe I'll get to speed up the response time, who knows? Regards Loïc LE BAIL

Black Box with phone munt Dag Holen on Aug 24, 2021

Rating: 4

Very nice thing. I miss integration with some apps, like Tidal music, but the system is nice

does what it says on the tin Brian Holmes on Aug 09, 2021

Rating: 4

Great peice of kit does exactly what it says it will Not quite a nav 6 but most features.and £400 cheaper. Stiill finding out handlebar controls

Black box embedded Graham Lunt on Aug 05, 2021

Rating: 5

Well I’m actually getting used to it , watched a couple of you tube vids asked a few questions how to navigate around it etc and I’m happy with it , the magnet adaptor for mtg phone is brilliant, I’ve gone over to the sp case and sticky mounts. Which are brilliant , much better than the quadlock I had before. That flopped about too much. Would I buy it again , yes I would , was it value for money , yes it was. Just a pity I bought the BMW sat nav first , that’s a disaster imho,

Issues with mobile phone compatibility Tony on Jul 10, 2021

Rating: 3

I have an older Android mobile phone, which is incompatible with the blackbox app (required), something i was unaware of, at the time of purchase. Apparently, you need a minimum Android OS 6.0. I found that there is a real lack of support, when you have any problems and getting any response within a reasonable timescale, has been an issue. i managed to install the Blackbox app on another phone, but the processing power of the phone wasn't quick enough to provide any meaning response, for the data it was displaying. This resulted in long delays/stalling for app updates to the screen. I have checked the functionality against a brand new Android 11 phone, with the latest superfast Snapdragon 8 core CPU, which seems to work and respond fine. So my advice is to make sure your phone will work with this accessory and don't expect much support, if things don't work.

Tolle Alternative zum BMW Navigator 'Thorsten Muth' on Mar 16, 2021

Rating: 5

Super schnelle Abwicklung und Versand. Funktioniert einwandfrei

Happy so far Mike Philippens on Feb 19, 2021

Rating: 5

Installed it and tried it out. Due to snowy weather I hadn't had the chance to test it properly, but it seems to work as advertised. I intend to use it with a Samsung Tab Active 3, attached with a RAM mount as my primary navigation tool. I'm using Kurviger (German app, also available in English), which is brilliant in finding twisty roads and has WunderLinq integration. Locus Maps also has WunderLinq integration, but is more for offroad navigation. I want to do a proper review later on, when the weather is nice and I can try out everything while riding.

WunderLINQ black box Jason Stretch on Feb 18, 2021

Rating: 5

Fantastic device, worth buying for the TFT dash alone. Very easy to install and use. Would recommend

Works as described Joerg on Oct 30, 2020

Rating: 4

It works fine with scenic, well integrated

Mr Peter Lowe on Oct 04, 2020

Rating: 4

There doesn't seen to any intent of BMW to integrate Garmin into bike infotainment system, so I was pleased to happen across the Wonderlinq. I have android Samsung Galaxy Note 8 phone. It paired well with WL, and I have done a few short rides with it. Generally very happy with set up. I use Google map for navigation, Samsung app to play my music, and phone as normal. All works well no issues. My main comments relate to viewing whilst riding. The description text size in the info cells is top small to read. The size doesn't adjust as the cell count changes. Its not easy to see the phone screen when the sunlight is strong. I also use Scalarider for bike to bike comms, and there is some bluetooth conflict. The ultimate goal for me is a bike with infotainment system that encompasses comms, nav, phone, music, bike data as standard in one box.

Works as advertised Thor Hammer on Oct 03, 2020

Rating: 4

Bought v1 direct from USA, but still like to address some of the issues mentioned in other reviews here. The WunderLINQ works as advertised. The bike thinks it has a BMW NAV connected, and forwards data and scroll wheel commands. The WunderLINQ app, as sucky as it may look, receives and presents the data. But, you have to understand the limitations. The wheel sends just a few commands: Arrow up/down/lef/right, long press left/right. It is up to the OS and app what happens next. Most navigation apps (e.g. Google Maps) requires volume up/down to zoom in and out, for instance. The arrow buttons will slightly move the map. A few apps (e.g. Kurviger, Scenic) has built in support for WL, to use scroll up/down for zoom. On Android you can do it for any app with a key mapper app (however clunky), on iOS this is not possible afaik. I use the WL with a rugged Samsung Tab Active 8" tablet and a home made bracket screwed on to the WL – fits perfect on top of the TFT display! I use DriveMode Dashoboard as a start screen, and alternate between different nav apps. I also use Spotify, a radio app, etc, often in split screen. This setup is so much better than BMW's proprietary stuff.

Mr. Robert Oesch on Sep 25, 2020

Rating: 5

Works as announced Sometimes Whele stucks. havent found the link to navigation apps yet. Suggestion: Make adapters for quad Lock and SP Mount

perfektes Add-On Tobias on Sep 17, 2020

Rating: 5

Bisher nutze ich den BMW Navigator VI und bin in diesem Jahr auf WunderLINQ umgestiegen. Nach einigen Touren muss ich sagen, dass das eine tolle und zuverlässige Lösung ist. Als Navigation nutze ich Scenic welches WunderLINQ und somit den Multicontroller am Lenker unterstützt. Die Magnethalterung sitzt fest und die Sicht auf das Handy ist 1a. Ich habe mir zusätzlich das Ladekabel bestellt, was auf langen Touren extrem hilfreich ist.

Macht das Handy zum vollwertigen Navi Michael B. on Sep 17, 2020

Rating: 5

Im Mai 2020 kaufte ich den WUNDERLINQ zur besseren Nutzung der Kurviger App auf meinem Android Telefon und muss sagen, dass es eine der besten Investitionen war! Die Wunderlinq App bietet viele Informationen für den kleinen Jungen im großen Mann, erleichtert die Musikwiedergabe und ist v.a. ein sehr nützliches Gadget bei der Navigation via Handy. Die Monate erfolgt binnen weniger Sekunden, einfach in die Navigationsvorbereitung einklicken und schon kann man starten. Die Verbindung zum Handy erfolgt via Bluetooth, bei korrekter Einrichtung auch automatisch, wenn das Motorrad startet. Der Rest lässt sich dann via Drehrad am linken Griff bedienen. Lediglich in den anderen Apps (Spotify / Kurviger / etc) muss man manchmal noch direkt auf das Display tippen, aber das ist eher selten und zu verschmerzen. 5 Sterne von mir!

WunderLINQ David Allan-Smith on Jul 20, 2020

Rating: 3

This is a top idea.having dumped the garmin in favour of a Tomtom app this looked like it would be perfect. However it’s sadly left down however by the iPhone app and Apples restrictive IOS. Control via the wheel is limited and for example while you can scroll to the Tomtom app once opened you can’t then scroll back to the other controls. So sadly I ended up sending mine back (which was refunded by Nippy Norman’s with no issue) So I’m summary a fab idea but for an Apple user at least, left down badly by the app. NIPPY NORMANS SAYS We have sold hundreds and the only issue is as above which is slowly being resolved by pressure being put on Apple and developers. Only returns so far are from UK customers. Sold throughout Europe and so far none have come back - do they have a different version of iOS?

Black Box Marcus Finch on Jun 12, 2020

Rating: 5

I bought this after trying a Nav 6 and having nothing but problems with it. It was a bit of a gamble as there isn't that much information out there on its capabilities or reliability. So far though the unit has worked as advertised it connected immediately to the bike and my iPhone 8, the wonder wheel works well with Wunderlinqs app allowing me to switch between screens easily and also launch a nav app or make a phonecall, I'm currently trying the Scenic nav app as that has built in integration for the wunderlinq and seems to work well. the Wunderlinq app itself has just been updated to give us users a more integrated experience and this has worked well with no crashes or irritating drop outs. The developers are active on the users forum looking for suggestions to improve the app and trouble shooting any problems that do occur. Overall I'm happy with my purchase and I'm looking forward to using it properly when this lockdown finally ends

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