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MachineArt MudSling, Avant Guard, Xheads and ADVance Guards R1250GS

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The triple Combo pack includes 1 x MudSling, 1 x Avant Guard front mudguard extender, 1 x pair Xheads and ADVance Guards


The ultimate protection for your R1250GS

The MudSling is exclusively distributed in Europe by Nippy Normans.


The MudSling® offers the ultimate level of protection.
Machineart, designers of specialized products for BMW motorcycles, introduce an all new MudSling® rear mudguard for the 2013 onwards liquid cooled (LC) R1200GS and R1200Adventure, R1250GS and R1250 Adventure models.
BMW have provided a minimal rear mudguard for the liquid cooled models but it is insufficiently long and wide to capture mud and water spray thrown forward onto the suspension and to the sides onto riders legs. This new MudSling® increases the surface area to each side by up to 3, and downwards by a full 7 to cover and protect the outside of the Paralever arm.
The MudSling® LC provides 220% more surface area than the portion of the stock mudguard that extends down between the shock and tyre. It is 185% wider as it covers around the sides to reduce splash forward. The right side is wider than the left because of Paralever movement clearance limitations on the left side.
The MudSling® LC is injection moulded in resilient polypropylene with a fine texture matching other plastic part surfaces on the GS. It is precisely shaped to engage the bottom of the existing fender and fit tightly against the frame. As of this date the MudSling® LC fits with BMW stock pannier mounts as well as those of Touratech Zega Pro, and Jesse. Others will be evaluated over time.
The MudSling® LC continues the MudSling® line with a tradition of attention to detail, excellent appearance, and functionality - all characteristics of the MachineArt brand.
The MudSling® is exclusively distributed in Europe by Nippy Normans.
Comparisons show that the MudSling® is thicker, stronger AND gives more coverage than any similar product!
PLUS it has a far better finish which matches OE plastics.
Designed to keep the muck that the rear wheel throws up off you and the rear of the bike, the MudSling® is a top quality product:
It offers great protection for the rear shock, riders legs and Paralever arm!
The protection is so good that the stock shock guard is no longer needed
More features:
*Manufactured from 3mm thick injection moulded polypropylene which is very resilient
*Quality textured finished matches the OE finish.
*Easily fitted securely in seconds
The wide design of the MudSling also keeps the under seat area cleaner
Includes full fitting instructions and relevant fittings

The Mudsling is suitable for use on bikes with or without lowered suspension.


(including factory lowered versions)


The best extender fender in the world!
From the makers of the MudSling
The Avant Extender Fender offers these features:
The new MachineArt Avant fender extension INSTALLS WITHOUT DRILLING and adds an extra 5.5 of length AND 2 of width to better control mud, tar and rocks splashing back onto your pipes, engine and surrounding components.
This patent pending design installs with two self-locking screw clamps that grip the fender underside for a secure fit WITH NO DRILLING, while the angled back wings give you wide coverage without looking wide.
Injection moulded in resilient polypropylene, it EXACTLY MATCHES the texture of the original mudguard.
There is nothing else like it!
The front fender of the 2013 on R1200GS LC and R1200 Adventure LC, R1250GS and R1250 Adventure is both shorter and pointier at its trailing edge than the previous generation GS making the exposed painted surface of the front engine case even more vulnerable to stone damage.
The Avant reduces clean-up maintenance and helps keep the surrounding parts looking new for longer.
“A key feature of the Avant extender range is ease of installation with no hole drilling required, unlike other available fender extensions”, says Andrew Serbinski, Principal Designer and President of Machineart.
“Not only is it simpler to install, it looks beautifully integrated with the styling of the new GS and is transferable to another bike without leaving disfiguring holes behind, a benefit for resale value”. The Avant Fender Extender fits over the top of the fender and securely engages the tip of the stock GS LC front mudguard with a unique moulded-in shoe. Two compression clamps grip the underside of the GS LC front mudguard on both sides, drawn tight with T25 Torx Head screws. The characteristic flared wing shape widens the splash coverage area without looking wide.
The fitment of the Avant with sump guards and Crud Catchers.
The Avant Fender extender will fit with all BMW and Touratech sump guards except with the BMW 'Enduro' sump guard when fitted to the Adventure model (but it is fine on the standard R1200GS LC model). The Avant will not fit with our Crud catchers are either the standard GS LC or Adventure LC.



1. With Cymarc Crud catcher - the two items basically do the same job and fitted together the clearance is very tight - not advised.
2. The Avant fits the 1200 GS LC with either BMW’s standard or optional Enduro skid plates.
3. The Avant also fits the 2014 GSA LC with BMW’s standard skid plate, but does not comfortably fit the GSA LC with the optional Enduro Skid Plate part #77148533747. The reason is that the front end caster angle was changed on the GSA, reducing clearance with the Enduro plate.
4. Two aftermarket skid plates that fit properly with the Avant on the GSA LC are made by Wunderlich and Touratech. Both do not extend as far forward of the engine centreline as does the BMW Enduro plate, leaving sufficient room for the Avant.
Images are available here:
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The MachineArt X-Heads for 1250 models are exclusively distributed in Europe by Nippy Normans.

A great product at a great price!

Machine Art X-Head cylinder head guards provide wide area protection at a price BELOW COMPARABLE PRODUCTS.

X-Head cylinder head guards for 1250 models.

These cylinder guards are designed to cover 85% of the face of the head to protect, not only the bottom/front initial impact area, but also the mid part of the cylinder head. Even in a stationary drop, inertia can cause a bike to roll partially onto the face of the head before it settles down.

For off-road riding the X-Heads complement BMW’s crash bars to protect heads from rocks and strike angles onto terrain that can get past the bars. The X-Heads are styled to complement the new models and are the best choice for riders who do not like the look of crash bars.

The X-Heads design benefits from a SuperTough nylon polymer successfully proven in use with the X-Head models.
With its blend of high impact strength, temperature and UV stabilization, the injection moulded shell is designed to be slightly ductile in impact to prevent breakage. On the inside of the shell is a thick thermoplastic rubber liner that rests against the face of the cylinder to aid in dissipating impact force while preventing hard contact.

The X-Heads are designed to protect both the valve and spark plug covers. If a bike is dropped at speed, any material will wear at the point of contact, but nylon will not break or puncture. Even a driveway drop will cause a bike to roll onto the face of the valve cover and X-Head’s wide shape helps to protect more area than other head covers.

Includes full fitting instructions and relevant fittings (Each side mounts via 2 stainless steel M5 T25 Torx Head fasteners and one existing T50 bolt)


R1250GS 2018 on - can be fitted BMW original bars or with Wunderlich engine bars


From the makers of the MudSling, Avant extenders and X-Head head protectors - MachineArt - we bring you a new innovation.

The ADVance Guard hand protectors are multi-functional, aluminium framed hand guards which are uniquely designed for superior strength and easy adjustability for a variety of weather and riding conditions. The patented (patent number 9,802,666) ADVance Guards are the most versatile and effective hand guards available today.

Adjustable Wind Control

Adventure bike and dual sport riders must adapt to a wide variety of environmental and weather conditions - from highway to single track, hot temperature in the dirt, warm air in the countryside, or driving rain and cold temperatures on the motorway. The ADVance Guards height adjustable shield and removable front insert enable you to easily adapt to prevailing conditions without the need for tools.
The wide Aluminium Safety Frame provides tough protection for rider and handlebar controls in case of tip-overs or impact with outcroppings on a narrow trail. With or without the front insert installed, the Aluminium Safety Frame covers not only the hands, but also the control levers and switches. Used by itself without the insert or adjustable shield attached the open centre permits cooling air flow. The Aluminium Safety Frame mounts to the bar end and to the handlebar with forged aluminium mounts shaped to clear control cables.

The ADVance Guards are an assembly of 3 main components:

• A wide Aluminium Safety Frame with an open airflow front.
• An insert that fills the open front when snapped in.
• A Sliding Shield that is adjustable up and down to control airflow and adapt to different weather conditions.


Fully extended vertical coverage is 142mm by adjusting the Sliding Shield into its open position. The ADVance Guards height is 100mm. Shield adjustments must be made while the bike is stationary.
The insert and Sliding Shield are injection moulded in a resilient polymer and are easily attached or removed from the Aluminium Safety Frame. The main body of the ADVance Guard is also made from a resilient polymer.


• SAFE - Wide Aluminium Safety Frame
• AIRFLOW CONTROL - open or closed front face
• HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE - Sliding Shield adjusts from 100 mm to 140mm (5.625)
• CUSTOM ALUMINIUM MOUNTING KITS - to fit your bike quickly and securely using clear instructions.