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Secure your BMW RT Sat Nav with Wunderlich

April 2017 - Wunderlich's Security and Glare Shield offers peace of mind for BMW R1200RT LC owners concerned about losing their expensive Navigator system to thieves.

Antigravity Micro-Start XP-1

April 2017 - Compact and light enough to fit in a jacket pocket, yet packing enough punch to start a 5-litre V8 engine, the Antigravity Micro-Start XP-1 PPS (Personal Power Supply) is a must-have for any motorcyclist.

Cover your 1200 GS with X-Heads

March 2017 - Owners of the latest BMW R 1200 GS/Adventure LC models can add a little extra 'travel insurance' to their rides, thanks to Machine Art's X-Head guards.

Frame Hole Kit for R1200GS LC

March 2017 - The Nippy Frame Hole Kit plugs up the unsightly holes in the frame on BMW's R1200GS, adding a finishing touch to the popular adventure sport bike's styling and helping to protect difficult-to-reach places from water, dirt and corrosion.

Anti-Gravity Lantern and Flashlight

February 2017 - Ideal for touring, when luggage space is tight, Anti-Gravity's new multi-functional Lantern and Flashlight provide light, music, hands-free calling and USB charging, all-in-one.

Machine Art X-Heads for BMW R nineT

February 2017 - Machine Art's X-Head guards are now available for the R nineT, ideal for owners who want engine protection, but who aren't too keen on bulky and unsightly bars and crash bungs ruining the BMW's classic lines.

Wunderlich's wonder light

January 2017 - Part of Wunderlich's 'Six Days' accessory range, this Auxiliary Headlight adds both a practical and stylish touch to any R nineT or R nineT Scrambler.

See sat nav clearly with Wunderlich

January 2017 - New to the Wunderlich range of BMW-specific accessories, the Adjustable Navigation Mount is designed to hold sat navs high and clear of tank-mounted bags and in full view of the rider.

Bigger, faster, stronger – SonicScrubber Pro

Bigger, faster, stronger and now rechargeable, the new and improved Sonic Scrubber Professional makes even lighter work of bike cleaning.

Get Tooled Up for Christmas

Whether shopping for someone special or writing your wish list to Santa, tool kits make ideal Christmas gifts for motorcyclists and at Nippy Normans we offer a wide selection of shiny temptation

Stuff Everything – I’ve Always Got My Bike

Ogri, the motorcycling anti-hero whose adventures entertained bikers for more than 30 years, is back and bolder than ever, in T-Shirt form.

Model gifts for BMW fans

Beautifully finished, highly detailed and with working components, these scale models of the R nineT, R1200 GS LC and S1000RR make an ideal Christmas gift for any BMW aficionado.

Wunderlich Cockpit Bag - R1200RT LC

Wunderlich's new Cockpit Bag offers a handy place for R1200RT LC riders to stash a wallet, mobile phone, travel documents, visor wipes and any other items needed in a hurry during a ride.

Wunderlich wind-stoppers for S1000XR

Designed to improve airflow and reduce buffeting and turbulence, Wunderlich Wind Deflectors are now available for BMW's S1000XR

Gear Lok with Cable

New from Nippy Normans, the Gear Lok secures a helmet, jacket, backpack or other riding kit to a motorcycle, saving riders from the hassle of lugging gear around with them. It's ideal when luggage space is limited and for days riding without bags.

Pillion Pleaser from Wunderlich

BMW specialists Wunderlich have come up with a cure for the wet and muddy legs/feet often experienced by pillion passengers, with a new kit for the best-selling R1200 GS LC.

Fancy Bike Thing for R nineT

Developed by a BMW R nineT owner, the Fancy Bike Thing replaces rear brake light and indicators with an LED display and includes a tail tidy and licence plate holder

Do a stretch on your GS with Wunderlich

Wunderlich Highway Pegs help R1200GS LC riders stretch out during long days in the saddle.

Cymarc cut the S1000XR vibes

July 2016 - Cymarc's Vibration-Reducing Bar Ends are a quick, easy and cost-effective solution to the buzzing handlebars and tingling hands experienced by some riders of the BMW S1000XR

Put a lid on it with Wunderlich

July 2016 - New from BMW accessory specialist Wunderlich, the Helmet Anti-Theft System offers a safe, secure and simple way to store one or two helmets on the current BMW R1200GS, freeing up space in panniers/top cases.

White Stripes from Wunderlich

June 2016 - Wunderlich's new Tank Stripe Kit is a quick, easy and inexpensive way to add a retro touch to the R nineT.

In a jam? Just pump it up

June 2016 - Compact, light and powerful enough to inflate a flat motorcycle tyre in under 3 minutes, the Bikers Dream Mini Footpump is an essential addition to any rider's roadside repair kit.

Wunderlich Vent the BMW K1600 GT

June 2016 - Wunderlich designed their new Vented Screen to make life on-board BMW's K1600 GT much more relaxed, reducing the buffeting and wind-noise many riders experience with standard screens.


May 2016 - Italian accessory manufacturer Rizoma has produced a video to showcase its new lines for the best-selling BMW R1200GS LC.

Wunderlich Media Handlebar Bag

May 2016 - Wunderlich's new Media Handlebar Bag offers a handy place to hold a smartphone or sat-nav, as well as a somewhere to stash a wallet, mobile phone, sunglasses and all those essential items that need to be kept handy during a ride.

Scrub away grime in half the time

April 2016 - SonicScrubber Pro-Detailer Cleaning Brush takes the hard work out of cleaning and detailing motorcycles, and can cut cleaning time in half

Screen Stiffener for R1200GS LC

March 2016 - Cymarc Adjustable Screen Strengthening Brackets for the liquid-cooled R1200 GS and GSA help to cure the annoying and often distracting issue of screen vibration experienced by some riders.

Wunderlich Cruise Control for BMW R nineT

March 2016 - An inexpensive and practical alternative to electronic systems, Wunderlich's new Cruise Control makes long stretches on the R nineT a lot less taxing on the wrist.

BMW R1200R/RS LC Gets Avant Guard

February 2016 - New from BMW specialists MachineArt, the Avant Guard protects the painted engine casing and exhaust headers of the liquid-cooled BMW R1200R/RS from being sprayed with road grime, grit, mud and water.

Wunderlich 'Six Days' Scrambler Kit

January 2016 - Parts for Wunderlich's R nineT 'Six Days Scrambler' kit, first unveiled at the Glemseck 101 event in 2015, will soon be available to buy in the UK.

Wunderlich Cockpit Fairing for BMW R1200R LC

January 2016 - Wunderlich's new Cockpit Fairing provides much needed protection from wind buffeting and the weather, making longer journeys – and those taking in stretches of motorway and dual carriageway – more comfortable

Wunderlich 2WD for BMW R 1200 GS LC

December 2015 - German BMW specialist Wunderlich has developed the first ever BMW R 1200 GS LC with additional front-wheel drive.

Extra screenplay with Wunderlich Ergo 3D - published May 2015

New from BMW accessory specialists Wunderlich, the Ergo 3D Screen Extension helps to deflect wind away from the rider’s head, reducing wind buffeting and turbulence around the helmet, and bringing welcome relief from the noise and discomfort many riders experience on longer journeys.

BMW mounts for a multitude of mobiles - published April 2015

BMW accessory specialists Nippy Normans have added a complete range of Ram Mounts, mobile device holders and protective cases to its 2015 range, so riders can stay connected whenever they ride.

S1000R Touring Screen - published April 2015

New from BMW specialists Wunderlich, the touring screen for the S1000R fits all models from 2014-on and is slightly higher than the original, with a smoothly flowing profile for enhanced wind protection and pronounced flip that is designed to reduce turbulence and wind noise.

Don't blow a fuse, get a Fuzeblock - published March 2015

Riders no longer need to blow a fuse over adding multiple electrical accessories to their machines, thanks to the Fuzeblock FZ-1 Switchable Fuse Panel from Nippy Normans.

Invest in protecting your S1000R - published February 2015

BMW specialists, Wunderlich, have developed a range of accessories to help protect the most vulnerable components of the S1000R/RR. Even a low speed or static drop can cause costly damage to high specification sports machines, so investing in protection is a wise precaution.

X-Head for BMW R1200RS and R1200R - published February 2015

Machine Art's X-Head guards are now available for all liquid cooled R1200 BMWs, including the new R1200R and RS models.

Dexshell Hytherm Pro Socks for year-round riding - published January 2015

Waterproof, breathable and insulated, Dexshell Hytherm Pro Socks are a simple way to make year-round riding more comfortable.

Prevent mud cling with MudSling - published December 2014

Machineart, designers of specialised accessories and add-ons for BMW motorcycles, have designed an all new MudSling® rear mudguard and Avant Front Mudguard Extender for the R1200GS and Adventure LC models.

Roland Sands Design accessories for BMW R nineT - published December 2014

Roland Sands Design, the multi award-winning California-based designer and builder of custom and performance motorcycles, has introduced a range of add-ons for the BMW R nineT.