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Wunderlich handlebar Cuff Muffs (pair) R1200GS/GS LC/1250GS and more

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Part No: WUN-25200-100

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The handle heating, if present, only warms the palms of the hands. The best protection for cold hands is reliable heat insulation and the avoidance or exclusion of convection. The best means for this: Well thought out, constructed, high-quality handlebar muffs.

Our handlebar muffs can be universally used on a whole range of motorcycles. They consist of water-repellent and dirt-proof, high-quality CORDURA® fabric and slip on the left and right end of the handlebar and are also equipped with a cuff that attaches to the mirror arm via an adhesive band and zipper, thereby being tightly sealed. The grips in the muffs can also be closed tight thanks to an elastic cord that comes with a stopper.

Our handlebar muffs also come with a moulded insert that is cushioned on the inside. This feature ensures that the muffs retain their shape at high speeds and in the subsequent high wind pressures, thereby creating a solid, protected space that provides thermal insulation and ensures the safe, unhindered use of the instruments and levers with your hands. The moulded insert is especially helpful and advantageous if you don’t have any hand protectors mounted.

We’ve incorporated a generously sized UV-stable PVC transparent window around the switcher units for the instruments that allows you to use them safely and reliably. Our muffs are so generously sized that they also fit over the hand protectors.

The handlebar muffs are fitted with reflective elements.

The functional high-quality design of our handlebar muffs has nothing in common with the conventional simple solutions found on the market. They are constructed using a great deal of experience and are exclusively manufactured from high-quality materials.

Specially developed motorcycle handlebar muffs for all vehicles equipped with and without hand protectors guarantee a lot of riding fun - even at the lowest temperatures.


No more cold hands while riding a motorbike, in spite of minus temperatures!
Warm hands provide greater passive safety while riding during the cold season
The moulded insert always ensures safe operation of brake, clutch and instruments
Transparent window on the switcher units for safe, reliable operation
Elasticated sealing closure on the grips
Special cuff for the mirror arms
If the mirror is integrated into the fairing and therefore not attached to the handlebar, the cuff can be neatly hidden under a zip
Reflective elements for greater safety
• Water-repellent and dirt-proof
• Quick and easy mounting

• Material: CORDURA®, robust and abrasion-resistant
• Dimensions approx. 30 cm on the handlebar width approx. 38 cm arm length


All motorcycles (with and without hand protectors)

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