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Wunderlich Active Comfort seat S1000R (2021 on), S1000RR (2019 on) WHITE FLASH


Part No: WUN-35695-111

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We also manufacture our rider seats for sporting use, which are 1.5 cm higher than the standard seat height, with the characteristic, ergonomic 3D contour, which allows the rider to become one with his BMW motorcycle. They have proven themselves in racing use. The shape and inclination of the elaborately processed, progressively constructed, two-layer seat core support the ergonomically advantageous, natural posture of the pelvis and knee angle, especially during sporting use. Integrated in this way, it is easy to drive in a relaxed and sporty way. And there is no doubt that relaxed sitting creates a plus in terms of passive safety. With the Thermo Procoating, the temperature of this seat in the blazing sun is up to 25°C lower in midsummer compared to conventional, untreated cover material.

With its shape and the seam pattern, the seat fits discreetly into the design layout. The embroidered Wunderlich logo ensures high recognition value.

The following applies to all AKTIVKOMFORT benches:


• Seat height: Plus 1.5 cm compared to the standard seat height

• A relaxed and sporty, active driving experience ensures a plus in passive safety

• Noticeably improved long-distance suitability, thanks to the optimized knee angle

• Ergonomic 3D contour to support the natural position of the pelvis and comfortable leg position when driving and standing

• Progressive two-layer construction with a soft top layer and a firm core ensures comfort because the seat does not sag

• The seat pressure is evenly distributed over a larger area, which leads to a noticeably optimized weight distribution and lower specific pressure load

• Pronounced concavity for coccyx relief

• More comfort with Thermo Pro : With the Thermo Pro coating, the temperature of this seat is up to 25°C lower in midsummer in the blazing sun compared to conventional cover material

• Sweat-resistant, non-slip cover material, offset cut seams

• Embroidered Wunderlich logo


S1000R (2021 on)
S1000RR (2019 on)

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