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Reviews of Paint protector set (tank face and sides) for S1000XR 2020

Effective but fiddly to fit Adrian on Apr 15, 2021

Rating: 3

I purchased this as wanted to protect my back and the sides of the tank. The product does this effectively so far there are no scratches in the areas that have been protected. The film was cut to exactly the right size and fitted well. However, it was almost impossible to get rid of the bubbles you get when installing it. Not sure if this was down to my incompetence or if its a generally a problem. A guy on YouTube fitted them in Germany to the same bike as mine and commented that he had bubble issues. As a consequence it makes the paint finish look as though its got problems. Imagine fitting a massive phone protector screen and you've got the idea. Overall it's effective and I'm happyish with them. I'll probably take the bike to a vinyl wrapper and get it done professionally when lock down ends as I like this as a protection method far more than the multi-coloured sticky options.

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