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Wunderlich footpeg rubbers R1200/1250 GS Rallye TE (if Enduro Footpegs fitted), R1200GS Adventure (2014 to 2018), R1250 Adventure (pair)


Part No: WUN-25914-002

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The original metal footrests of the R1200GLC Adventure and the R1250 Adventure AND the Enduro Footpegs if fitted to the R1200/1250 GS Rallye TE are perfectly designed for off-road use: They are robust, sturdy and tolerant to dirt. Even when covered with dust and mud they provide secure footing. They offer plenty of grip – at the expense of comfort. Which is fine up to a point.

However, a solution that is ideal on rough terrain can quickly become uncomfortable in daily use or when riding without cross-boots. Unsightly damage to less robust footwear is also a possibility as the protruding tips of the metal footrests will leave their mark. And when manoeuvring with unprotected shins, there is always the risk of a painful injury.

With this in mind, we have developed our rubber footrest pad for normal everyday use – for travelling, the daily commute to the office or simply riding around the city. Its profiled surface offers perfect grip. The pads are positively mounted and not only protrude over the edge of the original footrests but also surround them – so any shin contact is guaranteed to be painless! Oh, and your shoes will also remain unblemished. In addition, they ensure a pleasant damping of the engine vibrations. The secure attachment of the footpeg rubbers is ensured thanks to the precisely shaped holder which is attached from below via two screw fastenings. And when the terrain gets rough, they can be quickly and easily removed so you can enjoy some hard riding.


• Grippy, profiled footpeg rubbers for everyday use

• Provides extra comfort and safety

• Reduces the risk of injury

• Protects your shoes

• Dampens vibrations

• Highly impervious to wind and weather, thermally stable, remains flexible at very low temperatures, chemically resistant, ozone-resistant

• Perfect fit thanks to positive mounting and sturdy screw connections

• Easy and quick installation

• Fittings included

Technical info

• Material: High-quality rubber with a precise, tailored fit, black


R1200 GS Rallye TE if Enduro Footpegs fitted

R1250 GS Rallye TE if Enduro Footpegs fitted

R1200GS Adventure (2014 to 2018)

R1250 Adventure

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