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Reviews of Akrapovic conical titanium collectors R1200GS LC 2013, R1200GS LC Adventure 2014 on

akraprovic headers titanium Mark Goodacre on Aug 04, 2020

Rating: 4

excellent service again from nippy normans.been looking at these titanium akra headers for a while and took the plunge and brought them.i wasn't disappointed does away with the bulky cat. they look nice, they weigh next to nothing and the exhaust note is additive.makes you grin whenever you are changing up or down the box...awesome bit of kit...

Akrapovic conical titanium Collectors Jose Luis Saragoça on Jul 13, 2019

Rating: 4

A good article, send very fast and very well conditioned. It reduces the weight of the motorcycle, increases its power and efficiency

Insane sound! Aaron Gallen on Jan 03, 2019

Rating: 5

I couldn't believe the weight difference when I got the box - I genuinely thought something was missing but it was all there! Simple to fit (I'm not a mechanic by any means) and the end result (i.e. the sound) is indescribable - you really must hear them. I fitted these in conjunction with the Yoshimura Hepta Force slip on and it goes like a dream. With both the collectors and the Yoshi fitted I am considering having the fuelling modified as some others have done as at low speed it can be a little rough but nothing you couldn't live with. I didn't use the Akra supplied heat shield as didn't like the look and fitment with the Yoshi exhaust. I've retain the stock BMW shield. Highly recommend!

Buy It !!! Mervyn Henson on Nov 15, 2018

Rating: 5

This piece of kit is a must have !! It is a beautiful piece of engineering and fits onto the bike with relative ease. It’s the first time I’ve ever had a full akrapovic exhaust system on a bike. I had a few other bikes with just the akrapovic end can but this totally transforms the power of the bike. The torque available throughout every gear is really notable at both low and upper end oh and that beautiful throaty sound! Worth every penny

SQC sean on May 11, 2018

Rating: 5

Excellent super fast delivery ,the best price around. Very pleased with the results

Akraprovic TI Headers Phill Elston on Sep 19, 2017

Rating: 4

Cracking kit! SO light and, along with a re-map has both improved output AND fuel consumption (When not in "silly grin" mode and giving it beans! The tone? like an orchestra of looneys... Its HOOFING! The look? As long as you like all tones of blue - great. The ONLY detraction is that the beautiful (and expensive) carbon shield over the link between standard headers and the Akra HP TI end can is replaced by a pug-ugly stainless steel one - Sort that out Akraprovic and you have the BEST product!

Akrapovic Titanium collector Cees on Jun 30, 2017

Rating: 5

This is a realy awesome good thing for the Beemer, looks Great its light and giving good torqe and power. did buy this at Nippy Normans shop and the delivery and shipping of the parcel was quick and good. Very happy with this collector. thanks!

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