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Tobinators - R1150GSA (Adventure)


Part No: TOB-1150GSAC

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Get more adjustment of the screen on your R1150GS Adventure and stop the buffeting !
You can also fit an Adventure screen to the standard R1150GS using this kit. We sell the Adventure screens separately and the Side Pods needed
The Tobinators allow a high degree of screen adjustment. The Adventure screen has wings that protrude back and outwards. It is possible to adjust the screen so far back that the handlebars will hit these wings when turning. Personally, I now run an Adventure screen on my standard GS. I found that a leant back position suited me best, so I have trimmed the rear wings of my screen a bit to enable more handlebar movement. Alternatively, you can adjust the screen further forwards to clear the bars.
So what exactly are Tobinators?
The Tobinator buffeting eliminator enables you to raise your R1100GS, R1150GS, R1200GS or Adventure windscreen and change its position. Its components are made from CNC machined billet aluminium - it's more than just a bit of alloy plate. They fit directly onto the standard screen mountings. The Adventure version includes has high-density Delrin components which are also machined from solid.
How does it reduce buffeting?
Raising the windscreen means that more air can get under it, so preventing the creation of a vacuum behind the screen. On standard screens, when the vaccuum is created it cannot be sustained for any length of time so it fills with air and then pops, which creates the buffeting you feel.
The Tobinator increases the gap between the screen and the dash which allows more air to get behind the screen. This significantly reduces the vacuum effect and therefore the buffeting.
Additionally, the Tobinator allows you to position your screen forwards and backwards. This enables you to get the optimum screen position for your height and riding style, further reducing turbulence.
The standard screen tilt capability on the R1150GS Standard bike is still enabled, but enhanced with the new Mk4 version with its longer slotted rear component. The Adventure screen which is completely unadjustable becomes highly adjustable enabling you to find the ideal position.
Does it really work?
I ride 1200 miles a month on my GS and could not contemplate removing my Tobinators. But I would say that wouldn't I. Don't take my word for it - I usually leave it to other Tobinator owners to pass the word. Read the user reviews. Do a search on UKGSer or AdvRider for tobinator or tobinators and see what you find.
Easy to fit?
Fitting takes about 5-15 minutes. A bit longer for the Adventure, I reckon 25 minutes or so. For the R1150GS and Adventure, no modifications are needed to your screen or dash - it bolts straight on. For the R1100GS, you'll need an R1150GS screen (or variant) as well - and yes you can fit an Adventure screen to your R1100GS if you order the Adventure bits too. You'll need to have a few test runs to get the best position - but that's a good excuse to get out on the bike anyway! I find mine works best in a slightly rearward position with the screen tilted back.

R1150GSA (Adventure)
For the Tobinators flow chart to see exactly which kit is for your bike go to: