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Tobinator mega kit - R1200GS all models to 2012 and all screens


Part No: TOB-1200GS-ME

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Screen kit and Vibration eliminators.
The Tobinator Mega Kit will stop buffeting AND stop the irritating screen vibration at high speed.
R1200GS all models to 2012 and all screen types
So what exactly are TOBINATORS?
The Tobinator buffeting eliminator provides much more adjustment for your R1200GS windscreen.
How does it reduce buffeting?
The standard R1200GS screen has simple tilt-only adjustment. This means that the ideal position, which is with the screen tilted back to give better airflow, results in the screen being very low and giving little protection. Additionally, the gap between the front of the screen and the headlight is very small. This prevents air getting behind the screen which in turn allows a partial vacuum to form. The vacuum pops as it is unsustainable, resulting in buffeting. The Tobinators enable you to raise the front of the screen to increase airflow behind it and cancel out the vacuum that forms. You can also raise the rear of the screen using the standard adjustment mechanism whilst also now raising the front, resulting in a more streamlined screen profile without sacrificing screen height. In summary, you get much more screen adjustment which lets you tune the airflow more precisely to your own height and riding position.
Do they really work?
General user feedback has been very positive. As with Tobinators for the 1150 and Adventure, some users report little difference, however the majority are very pleased with the improvements. Small adjustments can make a significant difference to the airflow, so we encourage people to make lots of little changes and compare before and after to ensure they get the best results. All riders are different and there is no magic setting which suits everyone.
Easy to fit?
Fitting takes about 15-20 minutes.
Does not fit with Motorrad Concepts GPS mount.
R1200GS all years to 2012 and all screen types
Tobinators fitted. Excellent. 6ft 5', BMW tall seat in highest position, standard screenand ZERO buffeting. Problem solved!
SB Bromley, Kent
For the Tobinators flow chart to see exactly which kit is for your bike go to: