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Stop the buffeting!

Tobinators work - thousands of satisfied customers!

Tobinators provide vast adjustability to your GS windscreen enabling you to tune out that head-aching, eyesight blurring, jaw-numbing buffeting. Sold around the world, they are the best way to customise the airflow to suit your height and riding position.

Tobinators fit the R1100GS, R1150GS, R1200GS and Adventure windscreens, and will also work with many aftermarket GS windscreens that fit onto the standard BMW mounts.

They work by raising the screen to allow more air underneath, cancelling out the partial vacuum that forms behind the screen which is the cause of the buffeting. They also allow vast adjustability of the screen to finally enable you to tailor the screen to your own height, riding position etc. Numerous GS users have commented that they accidentally ride 10mph faster because of the reduced noise and smoother airflow!!!!!!!!!!

To get more details, pictures and see how Tobinators were developed, plus answers to any queries clickhere

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Hyspin V 10 clutch fluid 250mm

Part: MKS-OIA92546